What is customer journey? This is the customer journey map of the customer’s buying experience, the most intuitive representation of what customers go through when coming to your brand. From start to finish, this journey helps businesses build what it takes to build lasting relationships with customers.

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Customer Journey Map – What is a customer journey map

?Customer Journey Map – A customer journey map that helps businesses understand customers: what are their worries what approach they want, what are they looking for, how do they want to feel when trading, etc.

From this journey map, businesses create a seamless flow from the touch points in the customer interaction process, including 3 stages:

– State 1:

Perception – Buyer realizes they have a problem to be solved Review – Buyers identify their problem to research, look for solutions.Decision – Buyer chooses the solution they need.

– Phase 2

Purchase – Objects to purchase productsUse – Customers use the product

– Stage 3: Customers share their experiences/feelings when using the product to their friends.

The impact of Customer Journey on business strategy

Once you understand what Customer Journey is, you will realize it is crucial to your business strategy. Tasked with creating consistent and seamless touchpoints, customer journey maps force us to be customer-centric and ensure every touchpoint is effective.

Focus on developing the company with the domestic context

Customer Journey helps businesses build an effective Inbound Marketing strategy. Instead of spending a lot of money to attract customers, businesses can focus their internal resources to attract and make customers voluntarily come and discover their products.

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In the context of Vietnam today, customer journey maps help businesses outline the portrait and path of customers in the most clear way. From there, make marketing-related decisions, increase the value of content to invite customers, and then focus on sales.

Create a new target customer base

Understanding what a customer journey is, businesses can easily create a new, more specific and potential target customer file.

Instead of spending a lot of money on inappropriate, too broad, too distant audiences, businesses just need to map out the customer journey, understand where their touch points are, what attracts them. From there, build the right content to target these audiences, aiming to generate as many conversions as possible.

Creating a customer-focused mentality

Each department in the business has its own goals and activities. Using Customer Journey helps each department understand to focus on customers, avoid marketing and developing products that do not match customer needs.

This journey map helps each department understand its role in the whole company system, share information and problems to deal with together.

How to create a Customer Journey Map for your business

Set clear goals for the customer journey map

Businesses need to understand what Customer Journey is and how it benefits, why businesses need to use customer journey map.

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Set a clear goal, you will know what you are building it for, who is the audience, on what basis to evaluate, what aspects must be prepared, etc.

Personas Profile and Targeting Customers

Researching personal records and investigating and recording customer feedback helps businesses access the most realistic information. Some frequently asked questions are:

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How do customers know the brand? What attracts customers to your fanpage/website? What do customers need when they come here? How long do customers stay on channels?

List all touchpoints that can impact customers

Touchpoints/touchpoints are places where customers can interact with your business, including your website, social media, etc.

To be effective, businesses need to know what channels customers often interact with, where they will find information, where businesses can build to attract customers.

Customer Journey provides businesses with a complete picture of customer psychology and behavior.

Identifying these touchpoints allows businesses to see the effectiveness of their marketing channels and offer the optimal method to help customers experience the fastest and easiest way to the final purchase.

Determine the elements you want on your Customer Journey

There are 4 common types of customer journeys applied by businesses today:

Current State: Passenger journey map Day in the life: Map visualizes customer psychology, actions, thoughts and emotions.Future State: Map helps businesses visualize how customers will act and think.Service Blueprint: A simplified map that identifies the root cause of the customer experience, and outlines the steps needed to achieve the goal.

Customer Journey Analysis and Implementation

After understanding what the customer journey is, what the goals are, how to act, the business conducts an analysis of the results of the customer journey implementation.

Does the map represent the customer journey correctly? Why did the customer arrive at the right point of contact but could not close the order? At which touchpoint does the customer drop? Why are customers not responding?

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The map is only a theoretical outline, in fact businesses still have to closely monitor customer behavior to make timely adjustments to ensure they are providing the most useful experiences and conversion rates. best for customers.

Make necessary changes

Change is for better fit and better results. Regardless of the change, it must be sure to link the elements in the experience journey map, enhance goals, and make the most of customers.

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For example, if customers come to the website but have to leave because the website is too messy, confusing, unprofessional, the business will need to edit the website so that it is easy to read, with attractive product descriptions, accompanied by appropriate CTAs. physical.

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