The phrase “white collar worker” was first used in 1913 by Upton Sinclair. This phrase is used to refer to a group of office workers, sitting at desks. The jobs of white collar workers are very diverse, from management level to employees, and can be applied to many business models as well as departmental employees:


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Vexere – Operator (6,000,000 – 8,500,000/month)

Son Nguyen – NV sales (~ 15,000,000/month)

Aivivu – Facebook marketing (6,000,000 – 8,000,000/month)

According to a survey on Career Builder, the average salary of office workers in general is from 5,900,000 to 10,000,000 VND.

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However, the average salary may vary depending on the profession of the employee (Consulting, IT, Web developer, Marketing, Customer Care…)

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Blue collar worker: Group of unskilled workers – workers

This phrase refers to unskilled labor jobs: worker, warehouse, workshop, factory… Upton Sinclair was also the first to popularize this blue collar worker phrase in the early 20th century. of the blue-collar group often have low or moderate wages and are charged by the hour.

According to a survey on Career Builder, the average salary of unskilled workers is from 4,900,000 to 7,100,000 VND.

According to history, workers in the past mainly wore blue uniforms, office workers wore white shirts, buttoned up.

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Warehouse staff – Ship 60 (6,000,000/month)

Security guard – Vietnam New (6,000,000/month)

Garage staff – 286 (6,500,000 – 10,000,000/month)

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Pink collar worker: Service industry labor group

In the late 90s, the phrase “pink collar worker” was used by writers and social critics to refer to the general group of service workers such as nurses, secretaries, primary school teachers, catering, beauty… The reason this industry group uses such feminine colors is because in the past, women used to take on these jobs. Today, however, the pink collar group includes both men and women working in the service industry.

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The income of this group is usually quite low. According to a survey, the average salary of customer service and customer service workers usually falls between 4,000,000 – 6,000,000 depending on experience as well as business size.

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Part-time service staff – Golden Gate (144,000 – 158,000/day)

Consulting staff – Customer care – Mani Spa (8,000,000 – 12,500,000/month)

Sales consultant – Con Cung (5,000,000 – 7,000,000/month)

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Open collar worker: Freelancer group

As society develops, many types of businesses develop, since then, employees feel that spending 8 hours in each industry is boring, at the same time, the leaders of companies also think there are jobs can work remotely or work fewer hours (reducing salary costs)… For these reasons, the term “open collar worker” was born.

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As long as they meet the requirements, KPIs and complete the work according to the plan and agreement between the two parties, open collar workers can work anywhere, anytime they want. The income of the freelancer group also does not have a specific figure, it depends on the number of hours worked, the task as well as the agreement between the employee and the company.

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Freelance jobs are usually content writer, page/web administrator, out-of-office care and consulting, data entry…

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No collar worker: The group has no job yet

This is a new term, which has just appeared in recent years, used to refer to a group of qualified workers (or graduates) who have not yet found a suitable/stable job.

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Yellow collar worker: A group of workers in creative industries such as filming, photography, design, etc.

Gold collar worker: A group of workers in highly specialized industries such as lawyers, doctors, and research engineers. In addition, gold collar worker is also used to refer to young, low-income workers who tend to spend on luxury goods and services (usually thanks to the financial support of their families).

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Orange collar worker: Prison labor group

Gray collar workers: A group of workers in the same industries as white and blue collar. In addition, the gray collar group can also be employees of industries such as police, fire, security … or people working after retirement age.

Green collar worker: A group of workers working in the environment or natural energy industries

Red collar worker: A group of political workers

Black collar worker: Group of workers in the oil industry

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