With the continuous development of digital technology today, connecting online, directly from any part of the world at any time has become a familiar method of communication for everyone. Webinar is also one of such methods, in addition, it also has features to support the purposes of education, discussion, sales … extremely effective, bringing a lot of practical benefits for users. enterprise. So what exactly is a Webinar? and what is the most professional webinar solution available today? Let’s find out with the web design company 123CORP right here.

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What is webinar?

Webinar is an online meeting or presentation held over the Internet in real time. Simply put, it is an online event that connects individuals with viewers around the world.

Webinar is a form of one-to-many communication: presenters can reach a large and specific online audience from a single location.

The information age has brought us so many new things that many businesses take for granted and never fully utilize its benefits. Like what Facebook and smartphones have done for individuals to stay in touch and voice their opinions; Webinar offers a wide range of benefits that modern businesses can and should take advantage of. Here are the specific benefits that you can refer to

Benefits of webinar

+ Webinar has more lasting benefits than you think

Modern webinar hosting is really a great way to create content for your company’s online presence. This may come as a surprise when people often think of webinars as more or less showing a power presentation to a million people. But they are really much more than that.

Most modern webinar hosting packages come with audio recording. This obviously not only gives you the benefit of high value video content that can be shared around or referenced as needed, but is also great for later converting into blog posts, Q&A content, and more.

If you’re hosting a regular webinar, you’ll also see its benefits later. You’ll engage your audience every time you host first – but you’ll also document future audiences as the webinar benefits you later.

+ Webinar generates quite a few perfect leads

Webinar attendees (webinar) will provide information to attend your webinar. You can also have virtually unlimited attendees at a webinar. From there you virtually collect a bunch of essential customer information.

But it’s more than that, the webinar itself offers the benefit of filtering out or building leads. Since they were interested in attending your webinar in the first place, you’ll know they’re a qualified lead. They looked for the benefits of your webinar first; This means they care about what you have to offer.

Also the type of information you receive from participants through your webinar software can be very valuable. Chances are you can collect potential job titles, responses to any polls or questions you’ve used in your webinar – and the data is much closer than ever. simply name and email address.

+ Webinar builds cumulative brand value, directly for your target audience

Every time you host a webinar, depending on the software you use, you can get people engaged with your brand dozens or even hundreds of times. That’s a sublime benefit you get from regularly hosting webinars – but it ensures that your brand is the first one that comes to mind when your audience even thinks about the category. Your Business.

These are people who may be interested in your product category – which is probably why they were willing to attend in the first place – but it gives you the opportunity to direct their interest in your industry. you directly to the interest in you.

It’s an important benefit that hosting your own webinar will have 30+ seconds during a networking event or show at a conference with all the other brands present.

In addition, to best identify your business brand, you should refer to this article: What is brand identity?

+ Extremely effective webinar

Webinar can have more significant benefits to your bottom line and overall success than any other form of marketing available – and they do this while being highly cost effective.

To host and host a successful webinar, you don’t need more than a guest list, a webcam, some scripted content that you want to share with said audience, and a broadband connection to stream it live. high quality footage to your audience. Many professional software packages made All of this for you instantly and at a very affordable price.

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Compared to the cost of a single plane ticket to attend a conference, you could potentially host a webinar or two per month for a year. Remember that a webinar has benefits that are favorably comparable to attending a conference or some other networking event.

+ Webinar is more about teaching than presenting

The biggest benefit to webinars lies with the audience. That’s because the way the content is explained in the webinar is actually much, much more intimate than is conceivable in other types of presentations.

The webinar works almost like a personal tutoring session with the feedback, questions, and engagement your audience can give you – and it all happens to all audiences. arbitrarily large at the same time. This is what makes webinars unique forms of communication. Instead of creating content that will hopefully engage your audience enough to fill their interest in your industry; Webinars come with the built-in interests of your audience to be able to fill their interests and steer you in the right direction. Teaching goes both ways.

Having that intimate bond allows both you and your audience to develop an understanding of each other, and it has the unique benefit of forging an unfathomable relationship to build through anything. any other far-reaching means.

The most professional Webinar solution today

Does your company need Webinar software? That is the big question. However, once you decide that you really need it, an even more important question is which one should you choose from among the dozens of existing solutions? The market is flooded with options to choose from, but we’ll walk you through the best webinar software based on your needs.

Maybe you run a small business or blog and just want to host your webinar for 20 people or maybe it’s time to get the most robust programming so you can scale up to 4,000 participants .

No matter the situation, we’ll cover everything from pricing, features, to recommendations for the best webinar software on the market.


1. Livestorm (livestorm.co)

Livestorm webinar software has quickly become known as one of the most elegant interfaces for creating certain types of videos. Livestorm understands that webinars come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, it provides a number of modules and tools for specific types of webinars, such as:

– Live events- Online courses- Product demos- Customer training- Video podcasts- Recruiting sessions- ….and more

For example, online course modules can be used to organize and manage classes, and to communicate with students. These small areas are what make Livestorm unique in the webinar software space.

+ Price

Livestorm has a Free version that allows up to 10 viewers and 20 minutes for your webinar. This can be useful for testing software or if you have a very small user base.

Starter plan pricing is based on the number of in-person attendees. It starts at $99 per month for 100 attendees and goes up to $319 per month for 1,000 attendees.

+ Features

– Company webinar possible with options for several languages ​​and company profiles.- Livestorm integrates with thousands of other applications and you can export any webinar data to Excel or CSV.- Emailing tools are some of the best in the business, with features to send automatic reminders, status updates, and thank-you letters.- Webinar recording storage is unlimited and auto-generated recordings.- Easy user interaction with polls, quizzes, and chat boxes.- Webinar events come in different forms, such as recorded replay, periodically, and live stream the event.

+ Advantages

– The user interface is easy to understand and great for users of all skill levels to set up and create webinars.- Emails and other communication features are delivered without much work involved. .- You get beautiful landing pages to get more subscribers.- The free plan is great to start with and after that the monthly pricing is simple.- The overall automation of the system is top high, with some of the customization tools they should be.

+ Disadvantages

– Recording quality has seen some updates, but it still doesn’t sound as good as the original webinars.- Some users may want more control over branding and other customizations. – Attendee support currently tops out at 1,000. This can be a problem for larger companies.- The customer support team is responsive, but much of this depends on where you live, as most representatives are based in Europe.

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+ Who is this webinar software best for?

Livestorm can be The best webinar software for companies with the idea of ​​full automation. From landing pages to email reminders and recordings, it’s all pretty much configured for you. This may not work well for companies with more specific branding or customization needs, but we think the average organization will love how easy it is to get started.

2. EverWebinar (everwebinar.com)

Business automation has become the new norm and EverWebinar hopes to make it easier for the average company. Both online and on-demand webinars are possible with EverWebinar, and you can organize past and upcoming streams in a beautiful online course format. The streamlined configuration process includes items like landing page templates, emails, and signup forms, making for a fairly functional and affordable webinar software.

+ Price

The list price for EverWebinar is a one-time $597 fee, but that price often drops depending on the promotion being held. For example, at the time of writing this article, the price is $497. You can also get some bonus packages depending on when you sign up.

+ Features

– Conversations are possible in every webinar – a major factor when looking at the best webinar software on the market. You can also run these chats in past webinars so others see them as if they were in real time.- EverWebinar integrates with tools for email list building, tracking, and generate autoresponders.- The tracking is pretty advanced, with things like purchase rate, webinar behavior tracking and an option to see exactly how much you’ve earned.- Email and SMS reminders are included.- Brand available on all forms of media.

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+ Advantages

– Tracking is great for seeing who’s signed up, how many are buying a certain item and much more.- The process is simple to create a webinar then convert it instantly to on-demand section.- I love that you can send SMS messages to participants.- Advanced scheduler allows you to mark your calendar down to the minute and even block special holidays.

+ Disadvantages

– One-time fees may be a bit high for some people. On the bright side, you only pay once and you can sometimes get a discount.- You don’t get a free trial to try EverWebinar.- Some people may find that EverWebinar is too automatic, where it depends Adjustment is not a priority.

Who is this webinar software best for?

Similar to Livestorm, EverWebinar tries to automate everything for you. If that’s what you need, consider EverWebinar. However, the lack of customization tools can turn some brands off, along with no free trials and one-time fees.

3. ClickMeeting (clickmeeting.com)

ClickMeeting webinar software helps you prepare and invite guests, interact in webinars, and analyze everything along the way.

It is a powerful piece of software without the high price tag and it also offers a simple user experience.

+ Price

The lowest price point is the MyWebinars plan, which starts at $22.50 per month for 25 participants. You can vary around the number of participants on this plan, but there are also other plans with more features.

For example, the Enterprise plan allows up to 5,000 participants and starts at $165 per month.

+ Features

– You get strong webinar branding.- There is a lounge with an agenda.- You can activate paid webinars.- Some of the many webinar modes include live streaming. direct to YouTube, whiteboard, and chat.- Analytics and sharing features include on-demand webinars, social media sharing, and performance ratings.

+ Advantages

– Extremely flexible pricing for all business sizes.- This is one of the best webinar software for handling large groups of participants.- The user interface is one of the best. Best for its price.- The software is quite adaptable with lots of tools for branding, creating forms and marketing the way you want.

+ Disadvantages

– ClickMeeting takes some time to output video, so it’s possible the compression tools need updating.- The webinar templates are much more basic than some we’ve seen from assembly software. discussion on other websites.

Who is this webinar software best for?

ClickMeeting works for small, medium and large businesses. It can handle larger groups of participants, and the flexibility of pricing means you don’t waste money.

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4. GoToWebinar (gotomeeting.com/webinar)

GoToWebinar is one of the most popular and best webinar software for good reason.

It is owned by the people behind LogMeIn and is marketed alongside the GoToMeeting software. No need have to say, this brand is well versed in video communication.

Pricing is on par with other solutions with similar features, but you can support more subscribers than some of the competition.

+ Price

GoToWebinar offers a seven-day free trial for testing, and the Starter plan costs $109 per month. This allows 100 participants and one organizer.

For $249 per month, you get support for three organizers and 500 participants. If you earn $499 per month, you get support for 1,000 participants, and the Enterprise tier boasts features for one organizer and 5,000 participants.

+ Features

– Generate reports for information such as source, attendee and event tracking.- Integrations are available for many CRMs and marketing tools.- You can record and record events for later viewing. – Customer engagement is simple with the organizer’s webcam, polls and dashboards explaining the type of upcoming participation.- Planning and promotion tools include Awesome webinar, scheduling and branding template.

+ Advantages

– Branding is more flexible than other competitors.- All experience levels can start working with GoToWebinar without much training.- Participants can interact with presenters Present by chat and virtually raise your hand.- Presenters can stream webinars from anywhere in the world from all popular devices.- Analytics and marketing tools to name a few. the best in the business.

+ Disadvantages

– GoToWebinar seems to keep its software up to date, which can get annoying when downloading new versions.- Recording quality could be better.- Desktop interface looks outdated.- One Some companies may not like the idea of ​​a higher monthly fee, but this depends on the size of your organization and the number of participants you have per seminar.

Who is this webinar software best for?

I like GoToWebinar for midsize businesses that want top brand control. It’s not as automatic as some of the other webinar software we’ve talked about, but with a little practice, GoToWebinar can become the best webinar software for many companies.

5. Zoho Webinars (zoho.com/meeting)

The Zoho brand is known for its range of simple and affordable products. Especially it is one of the top 11 best free email creation websites in the world being used by many people today.

Zoho Webinars is part of the Zoho Meetings software, and it offers smaller companies a cheaper way to have webinars.

Not only that, it’s also definitely the cleanest, most modern interface on our list of the best webinar software.

+ Price

To get access to webinar tools, you have to pay $15 per host per month. This gets you support for 25 participants and storage for 25 recordings.

Other plans include $23 per server per month and $31 per host per month.

For $31 per host per month, you can host webinars for up to 100 participants. There is also a free Pan for up to five participants.

+ Features

– Affordable for all plans.- It includes feedback tools like polling and Q&A.- Webcam sharing available.- You get analytics to track participants.- Custom signup forms can be embedded and include automated emails.

+ Advantages

– It has some of the cheapest webinar software out there.- You also get tools from Zoho Meetings for internal communication.- Doing anything from registration forms to polls is super simple. simple user interface.- Zoho is known for its excellent customer support.- Hosts and participants can dial in from anywhere in the world.

+ Disadvantages

– Zoho Webinars lacks support for a large group of participants.- The analytics aren’t as advanced as the competition.- You shouldn’t expect too much automation either.

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Who is this webinar software best for?

Zoho is made for small businesses on a tighter budget – or for companies with fewer webinar attendees.

Which webinar software is best for you? Above is the information about webinar and the most professional solutions that we bring to everyone for reference, let us know if you have any other professional webinar solutions. Share your thoughts in the comments below!