Boutique is a phrase that is used in many fields and applies most to small-scale shops and hotels.

In the field of shop/store, words such as:

Boutique FashionVintage BoutiqueShop Boutique BoutiqueBoutique Fashions…

In the field of Hotel, words such as:

Boutique Hotel BoutiqueResort Boutique Hotel “Brand name” + Boutique (For example, the brand name is Riverside, it will be called Riverside Boutique)…

So what is a Boutique? Surely reading this far, everyone has figured out what Boutique is, right?

The concept of Fashion Boutique

Boutique fashion is usually used for one or a small and medium-sized fashion store chain. Meet most of Fashionista’s taste with just one or two fashion items.

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Boutique was a phrase in common usage in the late 1960s. Some multi-store (chain) businesses might be called boutique if they were targeting small, high-end markets. While some stores specialize in handmade products and other unique products, others simply produce t-shirts, stickers, and other fashion accessories in man-made boutiques. and sell them at high prices.

Boutique fashion items never go out of style and are used every day. Unique fashion style makes it special. Boutique fashion only focuses on user preferences.

Unlike other fashions that are constantly changing and difficult to respond to. Usually boutique fashion focuses on only one or two types of fashion items. But still makes fashionistas fall in love.

Therefore, the term boutique fashion is very developed and known by many people.

The concept of Boutique Hotel

In fact, in recent years, many hotels have included the word boutique in their hotel names. But in reality, very few people know exactly what the word “boutique” really means or why the term is used in relation to hotels and what is the difference between this type of hotel and its guests. Other hotels are not associated with the word Boutique.

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The layout of interior equipment is a content in a boutique hotel

Therefore, they often use names such as: Boutique City, Boutique Villa, Boutique Hotel 3* (3 stars), Boutique Hotel 4* (4 stars), Boutique Hotel 5* (5 stars),…

What is a Boutique Hotel

?Boutique hotel is a small-scale hotel (the number of rooms is less than 80) designed in a unique and separate style following the trend of luxury art. However, very few people know the term boutique and have confusion with other hotel models. Let’s learn about Boutique Hotel together!

What is the difference of a boutique hotel

?Boutique hotels focus on appearance and appearance to attract customers with highlights such as: a shaped fur rug. tiger instead of an ordinary smooth or rough rug placed in front of a fireplace or other convenient location for harmony, a gift for visitors to enjoy.

And some other good factors that help you easily identify boutique customers such as:

Small appearance: Most hotel experts have made the judgment that a hotel in the range of 10 to 100 rooms will be considered a Hotel Boutique. Interior especially makes a first impression: Area It is not the decisive factor of Hotel Boutique, but the quality of service, especially impressive decoration style that makes a difference and uniqueness unlike any other hotel on the market. Contemporary style: Guest Boutique hotels are usually not too big but don’t feel stuffy or uncomfortable. It brings a living space full of tranquility and romance. Local flavor: A Boutique Hotel will often bring typical flavors in the region, not every location, every boutique hotel is the same. Wherever you are, the city or the countryside will make you fall in love when you first arrive.

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Clean food and drink: At Hotel Boutique, you will definitely get a great difference when enjoying the food here is not inferior to the restaurant. Freedom to go with pets: No any There are no rules that forbid you to bring your pet with you when entering Hotel Boutique. This place becomes a place you never thought of.

Boutique hotels have many advantages that are almost perfect, down to every little detail from design to service, focusing on interior and extremely attentive service style, which is always the top concern for customers.

The concept of Boutique Shophouse

Boutique Shophouse is a building that serves as a home and shop for living or doing business. They exist all over the world, especially in urban areas, where there is often a single family engaged in their own business. However, they stand level with palaces or colonnades, forming the landscape Unique town in Southeast Asia and South China.

What is Boutique Shophouse

?Boutique Shophouse is a type of real estate that combines a hotel to stay (mini hotel) with a shop for business (shophouse). Boutique Shophouse appeared since the 90s in many big cities such as Paris, London, New York, San Francisco… and blossomed in tourist areas in Asia in the 2000s. Boutique Shophouses in Thailand or Bali has been bringing huge profits to investors.

The potential of “making money” from Boutique Shophouse

In Vietnam, Boutique Shophouse has only been popular for about 3 years, but has quickly become known as a unique, attractive and highly profitable investment channel.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Boutique Shophouse

Boutique Shophouse is a very valuable property with versatility for both family living and possibly a service business. It brings many advantages and outstanding advantages of commercial townhouses – a type of real estate that is growing strongly in the market such as:

Good location: Boutique Shophouse has a very convenient location to bring good commercial business revenue to investors such as: located on the ground floor of large apartments, street frontage, service-consumer center , dense population or high consumption.Convenient to move: Boutique Shophouse is usually built in apartment blocks with easy parking on the side of the road, convenient for customers to shop or located near the entrance of the hotel. Building. Unique architecture and design: Commercial townhouses are built from 2 to 3 floors or more and you can freely choose the type of product for business. More prominent is the opening of a store or leasing it as an office.

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Limited quantity: usually, Boutique Shophouse only accounts for 2-5% of the total number of apartments in the project. With the prime location of the whole project area and the planning center, the scarcity of Boutique Shophouses is understandable, which brings great value potential.