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terrace /”terəs/ noun high ground, embankment (architecture) flat roof, terrace; terrace terrace (geography, geology) external terrace from embankment to foundation, embankment

terraces, flat roofs, terraces, Domain: building dikes, terraces, high ground, Explain EN: A level embankment, often paved or planted and balustraded. Giải thích EN: A causeway that is usually paved, planted with trees, and has a row of railings. terrace leveling platform Explain EN: A flat roof or open platform adjoining a building, usually used for dining or leisure; a deck or balcony. Giải thích EN: A flat or open courtyard adjacent to a building often used to organize meals or leisure activities. A tiered building effect in masonry or turf where levels rise one above another via vertical or sloping sides of brick.Explanation VN: A structure with vertical steps. vertical terrace or sloped slope River Terrace Rock Terrace Strath Terrace Rejuvenated Plain Stream Terrace River Terrace Stream Terrace Terrace Terrace Structure Terrace Formation River Formation River Terrace Gravel River Terrace Height MuscleTerrace Interrace Interrace RoofTerrace RoofSpa n upper travertine terrace Hollow limestone terraces (near the lake) o terraces, terraces § alluvial terraces : alluvial terraces § built up terraces : accumulation terraces § drift terraces : lobed ice shelves § erosion terraces : cavitation terraces § matched terraces : suitable terraces § river terrace : river terrace § rock terrace : stone terrace strath terrace : rejuvenated plains § stream terrace : river terrace, flow terrace § structural terrace : structural terrace

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Collocation Dictionary

terrace noun

1 flat area of ​​stone next to a restaurant, etc.

ADJ. paved | covered | shaded | sunny | cafe, garden, pool/poolside, roof/rooftop | sunbathing

VERB + TERRACE open onto The dining room opens onto a paved terrace.

TERRACE + VERB glanced at The hotel has a roof terrace terrace the sea.

TERRACE + NOUN bar, garden, restaurant

PREP. on a/the ~ There”s a table free on the terrace.

2 lines of joined houses

ADJ. long | two-storey, three-storey, etc.

TERRACE + NOUN house (also terraced house)

PREP. in a/the ~ Our house is in a long Victorian terrace in north London.

PHRASES a terrace of houses

3 (usually terraces) for growing crops on a hill

ADJ. steep | cultivated

VERB + TERRACE dig The villagers had dug terraces in the hillside.

WordNet Dictionary


a row of houses built in a similar style and having common dividing walls (or the street on which they face)

Grosvenor Terrace