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The structure of a poem the structure of a poem sentence of loose structurea fine marble structure a beautiful marble structure. .


Math & math

(algebra ) affine structure structure afinanalytic structure structure (topology ) analytic structuredifferential structure structure (topology ) differential structureprojective < strong>structure (topology) uniform projective structure structure regular structure

Mechanical – Electronic

Structure, structure, structure

Mechanical & Construction

structure (one engine)


architectural works of architecture


structure, texture

General Engineering. .

amygdaloid architecture structurealmondarborescent structurearchitectural treearchitecture structurearchitecture banded structurebasaltic architecture structurebasalbedded architecture structurebogeneous layered architecture structurebotryoidal fold architecture structurearchitecture cataclastic fusion structurecavitycellular architecture structurecelyphitic honeycomb structurebaocelyphitic ring architecture structurexeliphitcleavage strong>structuresplit-fiber architecturecockade structurecolumnar structure -cone structurecone stacked architecture structurefragmented dendritic architecture structureeutaxitic tree architecture structurestrong eutaxitic stripe architecture structureflow-resolved architecture structurefluidal architecture structurefluxion flow architecture structuregeneric logical logical architecture structuregeneral logic architecturegeode structureglass nest architecture structure< /strong>globular glass architecture structuregneissic architecture structuregonaigneissose architecture structuregonaigrain structure granular architecture structuregranulitic architecture structuregranular architecture structurehoneycomb architecture structurehoneycomb architecture structuremassive internal architecture structureblock architecture mesh structuremicrocrystalline network architecture structureminiphyric microarchitecture structurepofiamortar microarchitecture structurecohesive architecture mosaic structurearchitecture mosaic architecture structuremosaic architecture strong>structurepeclitprotoclastic architecture structureprotoclaptygmatic architecture structuremicmaticradiolitic architecture structurefibrillational architecture structure< /strong>reticulate fibrous architecture structurefibrous structure >slab framework architecture structureslaty architecture structure slump structurespheroidal pleated architecture structurespherical architecture hierarchical stylolitic architecture structuregaisubgraphic architecture structuresubhedral subhedral structurestrong>strong>structure countertop architectureunder structureunstratified architectural infrastructure structurepeanut architecture structurefoam vitreous architecture structurewater architecture fine modeling the construction

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acinose structure structuregranular structurecapital structurecapital structurefibrous structurefibrous structure structurestructure fine-grain financial structure structurefine-grained structurefoam structurefoam structure (foaming)functional structurefunctional structure structurefunctional structure (of management apparatus)grain structuregranular structure structuregranular structurelamellar structure lamellar layered structure structurescalemarket structure structureoptimal capital market structure structureoptimal capital structurepore structurestructure loss structurestructure of business unit structure of a business unitterm structure of interest rates term structure of tree-like interest rates structuretree-shaped structureurban structureurban structure architectural structure

Related words


nounanatomy , architecture , arrangement , build , complex , configuration , conformation , construction , design , fabric , fabrication , format , formation , frame , framework , interrelation , make , morphology , network , order , organization , skeleton , system , texture , cage , edifice , erection , house , pile , pile of bricks , rockpile , skyscraper , bridge , building , cadre , components , composition , form , lineament , makeup , pattern , pyramid , scheme , tower verbbuild , compose , configure , pattern , shape

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