Schedule is a very important factor in everyone’s work, especially in corporate governance. So what is the concept of Schedule? What is the role of the Schedule and how to create the most effective Schedule for managers? Let’s analyze and find the answer with through the article below!

Learn about the concept of What is Schedule?

“Schedule” translated into Vietnamese means a schedule, a timetable, also known as a plan for a certain job that needs to be done within a certain period of time in order to meet the set requirements and objectives. .

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This is considered a tool used to manage time in the most basic way, it includes all tasks, events or any action, sequence of events arranged in order. time required. This scheduling will decide how the manager will assign tasks and the very way of assigning resources between multiple tasks is called scheduler, the person responsible for creating that schedule is called scheduler.

Thus, Schedule can be used in a very useful way, playing an important role in a short time as a daily work schedule, be it weekly or longer, monthly or yearly. Most people use Schedule through a calendar – where they can easily see the date of execution, noting about events occurring on different dates. Often the schedule will show a specific time for a certain event that they will plan by listing the key algorithms in some order in which subsequent events are likely to take place. .

Schedule is commonly used in people’s work and daily life

In some cases, however, the proposed schedule may be uncertain and may not be practicable. For example, for jobs based on external factors, the surrounding environment and beyond human control, it is difficult to follow the schedule. Or for those who often have trips and vacations to relieve stress and fatigue, they can avoid setting up fixed schedules because the ability to do it is not high.

Used so often in work and daily life, what role does Schedule play for a business manager? Stay tuned for the next part!

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2. The role of the Schedule for managers

The role of the Schedule for managers

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In fact, it can be seen that making schedules for business managers is extremely important and indispensable, contributing to creating a more professional and effective way of working. Specifically, the creation of Schedules will help business managers a lot of things such as:

– Schedule helps them to state the important goals and methods that need to be achieved at work and determine how to do them. Because when you have made a list of tasks and schedules you need to perform, the working process will mainly follow the direction of the set goals, whereby the efficiency achieved will definitely be better. Because we know where we are, what we need to do and orient the next steps.

In addition, a manager will definitely have a lot of work to do every day, so being able to create a Schedule will help them organize their work so that it is reasonable, avoiding duplication and not being resolved on time. important issues. Through the plans given in the Schedule, it will also be easier for them to divide the tasks for their employees so that they are reasonable and have the highest ability to complete.

The second role of the Schedule is to help managers attach work goals to the shortest time to implement them. A working day has only 24 hours, so it is important to know how to allocate enough time to complete all the tasks of that day. Therefore, having a specific plan and schedule will help managers not be stressed and pressured with too much work.

Schedule is of great importance to managers

In addition, for a manager, creating Schedules also helps to check the work progress and efficiency of employees, whether they meet the requirements they have given or not. no, at the same time also detect errors and promptly handle them, ensuring the smoothest operations.

Thus, regularly setting up Schedules in the process of working and managing work is essential and indispensable for anyone, especially managers and business administrators.

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3. How to make the most effective Schedule

Making a schedule is very important for every us, especially the managers. However, not everyone has the ability to create scientific and effective plans and schedules and implement them in accordance with what has been set out. So how can you create a perfect Schedule?

3.1. Make a working schedule by day

With the tasks that need to be done on a daily basis, you also need to make plans for yourself to help reduce stress, and at the same time can better control your workload. So to make a Schedule by date, what should be done?

– Need to prepare yourself a desk calendar and especially there should be enough space for you to record the content of the work you need to do as well as note the special events that will take place. Besides, you should also buy yourself a personal notebook so that you can list the things you have done, what have not been done and how to solve those backlogs and give suggestions. recommended for the following days.

Next, you need to know how to arrange your daily tasks and tasks in the most specific and detailed way. And now, in the era of technology development, you can record your schedule right on your computer management software, so you can color and make notes for your tasks and work according to your schedule. order, which jobs need to be done first, which jobs can be done later as well as the nature of each job like.

In fact, arranging the work by coloring like that will be extremely helpful to help you manage the tasks much more easily and effectively.

Make a working schedule by day

– Then you need to determine for yourself which tasks and tasks are more important and perform them first. These are tasks that cannot be postponed, so prioritizing through identification of the following issues:

+ What tasks and tasks are due to be submitted?

+ What tasks need more time to perform?

+ What tasks will have a direct influence and determine the performance of the job?

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+ What tasks will likely encounter many difficulties during implementation?,…

And finally, you need to set a specific deadline for each task done. As a manager, you will need to have a very careful calculation to be able to give the most reasonable deadlines for each task so that employees as well as yourself can complete well. In particular, the deadlines for tasks should not be arranged too close together, which will make the performer fall into a state of stress and work efficiency is also not high.

3.2. Make a weekly work schedule

For a fairly long time of 1 week of work, the manager will need to carefully consider the most reasonable tasks to make an effective Schedule. Accordingly, you can plan based on the following requirements:

– Perform a search and identify free time periods and anticipate different free time budgets that are not included in the time devoted to work. That means taking advantage of your time to solve and handle outstanding problems and arising situations that occur in the working process.

– Need to fill free time with different jobs and need to select important and necessary tasks to prioritize.

Make a weekly work schedule

– The process of performing the work will certainly not be able to guarantee absolutely the same as the plan given. Therefore, when making a schedule and organizing tasks, please allocate time reasonably and can spend the weekend to summarize and solve and handle outstanding and unrealized problems.

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– Always follow up the implementation of the employee’s plan to have the most objective and detailed assessment of the results of the weekly work, thereby making the plans for the next week in a timely manner. appropriate and ensure better performance.


Hopefully, through the above article of, you have understood and understood what Schedule is and basic information related to scheduling. And through that, as a manager, you will be able to make yourself a perfect work plan and schedule as well as achieve high efficiency!