One-sided views. The article is in the section Corner of practice – confidence. This article talks a little bit about looking at things in a one-sided way.

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Once upon a time, five fortune-tellers saw an elephant. He touched the trunk and said it was like a leech. He touched his foot and said it was like a pillar. He touched his ear and said it was like a fan. He said he spoke like a dull broom. He touched the tusk and said it was like a lever.

Today, many men write about Japanese international students as living in hell or “crying for a human life”… these men have plenty of tears.

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Or comments about Japanese society, Vietnamese society, Japanese people, Vietnamese people … luxuriant …

Currently, there are more than 80,000 Vietnamese students in Japan. I don’t know how many people need these guys to cry?

Every society and person has a good side and a bad side. For example, there are 10 criteria for comment. In which, society A has 8 good criteria and 2 bad reputation criteria. Society B has 2 good criteria and 8 bad criteria. If the media or people talk about the two bad criteria of society A all day, it will be easy for others to think that society A is very bad. On the contrary, if you keep talking about B’s two good things all the time, then B will become heaven.

Many people hate Mr. Trump, but I like his assertiveness, saying it’s his job.

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It is advisable to filter and review the information before putting it in the head. Because of so many things: it doesn’t look like it.




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