Marshal ca is a phrase that is no longer strange to young people who love language. The image of the handsome man is described as handsome, talented, intelligent, elegant, in love and faithful to only one daughter.

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This explains why the “marshal” of love language such as Ha Di Tham (Together for life – Co Man), Da Hoa (Three born in three worlds, Thap Ly peach blossom – Duong That Cong Tu) An Di Phong (Dong Dong) married couple – Diep Lac Vo Tam).

And recently, Ip Man has made teenage girls stand still, day and night dreaming.

It is easy to see that the “Marshal” of language and martial arts not only have good looks, but also have a position in society due to their own efforts, a special ability or at least a chivalrous quality. , came from a distinguished family.

So have you ever wondered what marshal means and where it comes from? The article below will reveal to you many interesting things!

“Marshal” = “Marshal” + “Ca”

It should be understood that the word “Soai” in the word “Marshal” or “Marshal”, according to Wikipedia, is a Sino-Vietnamese word that refers to the title of the highest ranking officer in the armies of some countries.

“Marshal” is even above the rank of General, who holds the power of the army, the supreme military commander, holds the power to live and kill, and decides the fate of the nation, especially in wartime.

Images of great and distinguished Marshals, especially in the great powers, majestic and majestic in military uniforms with cans, stripes, stars, medals and medals marking the heroic feats engraved. deep into the hearts of humanity respect and admiration.

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The thrilling and tragic legends about the Marshals also attract a lot of curiosity.

In the story of Journey to the West, Tru Bat Gioi once commanded more than 80,000 marines in Thien Dinh and was conferred the title of “Thien Bong Nguyen Soai” by Emperor Jade Emperor.

But just because of her passion for beauty and flirting, she was banished to the world.

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In Vietnam, during the war against the French, famous general Truong Dinh was once ordained as “Binh Tay Dai Dai Marshal” before his great sacrifice, which shocked the country robbers, leaving a lasting fragrance.

In most European countries so far, the Marshal is considered the emperor’s right-hand man, respected and even shunned by the country’s supreme leaders (who in charge of the military fire, not a game).

As for the second word, the word “ca,” is probably not an easy word like candy for anyone. Big Brother, Second Ca, Tam Ca, Ca Ca, Tieu Ca, the Sino-Vietnamese word for a man, often accompanied by a small sister, a sister, a billion billion, a big billion … is often mentioned in movies every day.

So what does “Soaring” mean?

“Marshal” of course refers to a man who heads an elite army, possesses excellent qualities in combat, directs military tactics, and is hard to find a worthy opponent.

The word “Marshal” in the word “General Marshal”, “Marshal” is rejuvenated by young people in modern times when combined with the word “ca” into a beautiful, tuneful noun that sounds very loud and very “sound” when read aloud. ouch”: “Marshal”.

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So “marshal” in the original sense refers to a man who is majestic, powerful, brave, has the power to live and kill, and can decide the fate of the whole nation.

From literature and movies to everyday life, it seems that netizens are using the word “Marshal” a bit easily when they automatically “donate this title” to elegant and gentlemanly guys.

That’s why there are “Marshal ca” in military uniform, “Marshal ca” with mixed rice paper, “Marshal ca” on a bus, “Marshal ca” in traffic police…

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Is it “standard” to call it like that when “Marshal” from a rare place like autumn leaves has become so abundant that many people start using this phrase with a sense of sarcasm?

The title “Marshal” itself is not wrong, the origin of this word is extremely serious, the important thing is how to behave with each person.