You won’t be able to do anything right. Your life will go smoothly if not boring and meaningless when from a young age you have no dreams or aspirations.

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Maybe it is a dream, aspiration that is not “feasible” with your actual conditions, living environment and ability. But it is still a beautiful dream, helping you to overlook the difficulties, shortages, obstacles, and thorns of reality and look ahead. It also helps to keep your soul, your heart, your thoughts always clear, always vibrating and imbued with humanity.

But once those dreams and aspirations match your abilities and have a good environment and good conditions, you will feel like you are given more strength, adding wings to fly high, fly far and achieve all. what I want with a sense of pride in myself and with the admiration, respect and joy of family, friends, and colleagues.

The opposite of aspiration is ambition. Ambition will make you feel like you are “guided by ghosts, led by demons”. You will no longer have eyes to see, ears to hear and a head to think soberly. You will become a slave of evil, ready to do evil, evil…

And how to tell if you are “ambitious” or “nurturing aspiration”:

Always fantasize about your true abilities.

Ambitious people always think they are talented, always stand higher than others, never have the humility and sobriety, objectively to realize that “people are not perfect”, themselves there are many defects, still lose to this person, inferior to that other person.

I can’t stand it when someone thinks “that’s all I am”

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Ambitious people hate someone who dares to say directly to them: “You are normal, you still have to strive and learn a lot”. Ambitious people can’t stand it when, in front of them, people only praise Mr. A., Ms. B. has good professional skills, lives a healthy life, knows how to love, share with colleagues and has a pure motivation to strive. don’t care about them. They are ready to accuse others of lack of depth, objectivity, or lack of impartiality and fairness in their recognition and evaluation.

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Always not satisfied with what you have

Ambitious people are also often very strict with themselves, always dissatisfied with themselves and set strict goals for themselves in studying and striving to achieve.

Ambitious people are also always dissatisfied with what they have, but never admit their fault, don’t see how they need to strive for training, but only see why nature and life are so unfair to them. . I was always unlucky and was always treated unfairly by others, unfairly, and even tortured me. A mood of melancholy, frustration and dissatisfaction always covers the ambitious person.

It is very easy to blame others

Especially when ambitious people want something specific but can’t get it, or mistakenly believe that this position or that position should be theirs but in reality it is not, then they seem to turn into a different person: bitter, dissatisfied, even hostile and ready to baselessly condemn others, very emotional. They only see the bad, the negative and deny all the good in others.

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And at all costs

And at all costs, even things that a normal person would never act like that, people who have ambitions but do not achieve still do. Humans are always ready to explode for their fantasies. They leave a lot of disappointments and complaints for those who are their victims, including their family members.

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If anyone feels he has some manifestation of ambition, he needs to be alert and know how to stop if he doesn’t want to pay a heavy price in life, in his career and in his personal happiness.