Psychological stress due to work pressure, studying or living in a noisy environment, changes in weather and climate are also the causes leading to headaches, blood vessel spasms in the temples are increasing day by day. All ages and often relapse.

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1.1 What is a vasomotor headache

?Vomotor headache is a headache caused by constriction of blood vessels in the head, skull, and temples. The most common is temporal artery spasm. The constriction of the arteries causes temporary ischemia in certain areas of the brain and muscles in the head and neck region and causes a painful reaction when in conditions of ischemia and lack of oxygen. Especially for patients who are often stressed, long-term anxiety leads to depression and stress.

1.2 Cause

The main cause of vasomotor headache is often due to factors such as work pressure, study, psychological instability, living conditions in a noisy environment, weather and climate change. Vasomotor headaches can occur at any age, especially in young people.

1.3 Manifestations of vasomotor headache

Vasomotor headache usually presents with headache accompanied by pain in the eye on the affected side. There may be pain in one or both temples. The main manifestations are severe headaches, jerking pain following the pulse of the pulse stretching in the temporal and frontal areas, the patient has a feeling of nausea that can cause vomiting, etc. When walking, headache. will increase.

In addition, vasomotor headaches also cause the body to lack blood to the brain and often manifest as dizziness leading to fatigue. People with vasomotor headache are sensitive to light, sensitive to noise, afraid of light, and afraid of noise.

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Vasomotor headaches are often difficult to treat definitively and often recur. A vasomotor headache can be treated with vasodilators to relieve the angina. However, patients are not allowed to buy drugs on their own, need to see a doctor to be examined and follow the doctor’s prescription.

Without timely treatment of vasomotor headache, the disease will become more and more severe and the lack of blood to the brain will last for a long time, the brain lacks oxygen, which can cause a cerebrovascular accident, which can even lead to hemiplegia. or paralysis of the limbs.

1.4 Recurrent vasomotor headache

Vasomotor headaches are more likely to recur because of risk factors, often poor lifestyle habits, and common environmental factors, such as:

Nerves are under stress, stress, stress at work and sleepless life.

When women use oral contraceptives, during the menstrual cycle, the concentration of female sex hormones in the blood is changed. The weather changes. The living environment is noisy, there are bright lights, cigarette smoke, a Some women have strong scents such as concentrated perfumes. The patient has had a head injury. Female hormone changes: Some women often have headaches just before or during their period. Some birth control pills can increase or decrease the frequency of pain. Consume certain foods such as chocolate, cheese, canned foods, and certain additives such as monosodium glutamate found in many foods. Products can cause headaches. Using alcoholic beverages or beverages containing a lot of caffeine such as wine, coffee, etc. Vasomotor headaches often occur when your physical condition is unwell, the weather changes, or it may be possible. due to sudden changes in air pressure. Some people may have headaches when circadian rhythm changes such as too much sleep or insomnia, or when exercising too hard, exercising too hard.

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With the clinical features and symptoms of vasomotor headache, it is easy to diagnose but often confused with tension headache, or vestibular disorder, etc. Therefore, the treatment will be less effective. easy to relapse and cause more severe, difficult to treat.

When there are any symptoms of vasomotor headache causing temporal vasospasm, it is necessary to immediately go to reputable medical facilities for examination and appropriate treatment. Treatments include pain relievers and relapse prevention medications.

Treat headaches with pain relievers such as paracetamol, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), triptans, etc. However, do not arbitrarily use these drugs without your doctor’s prescription. Because it may cause drug resistance, it can even lead to liver failure, kidney failure due to unwanted effects of the drug. Add to the daily menu a lot of green vegetables, micronutrients such as zinc, iron , magnesium, vitamin K, B6 …. Should not eat stimulant foods or drinks, and limit exposure to cigarette smoke and absolutely do not smoke.

Prophylactic measures to limit recurrence of vasomotor headache:

People with vasomotor headache should have a mode of living and working in a psychologically comfortable environment, avoiding anxiety, sadness and limiting stimuli that cause nervous tension. At work, reduce the intensity. work, limit doing jobs that require excessive thinking or brainstorming, things that affect the nervous system in general and the temporal nervous system in particular, avoid physical exertion, avoid excessive exercise. Improve quality of life, live a healthy life by regular exercise daily routine such as walking, cycling, swimming, yoga, nursing…

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Exercise along with the application of physical therapy to support the treatment of vasomotor headaches. Avoid certain foods containing tyramine found in eggs, milk … or alcohol, because these foods cause release serotonin, leading to headaches. For women, it is necessary to prevent vasomotor headaches during periods of hormonal changes such as early puberty, during monthly menstruation or during perimenopause.

People with vasomotor headaches should go for a general health check-up every 6 months to be examined by a doctor to find the cause, and to receive appropriate treatment advice, to prevent dangerous complications that may occur due to pain. caused by vasomotor.

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