A year, there are many different holidays and events taking place on the S-shaped strip of land such as: March 10, Hung Kings death anniversary, April 30, Dien Bien Phu victory, May 1, International Labor Day, September 2, National Day,… In which, October 10 is also an important holiday and event of our nation, but many people do not know it. Understanding that, Do Dong Quang Ha would like to send you useful knowledge about what day 10/10 is through the article below.

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What is October 10

October 10 – Traditional Vietnamese Lawyers Day

Tet Day coincides with 10/10

Happy New Year with new rice

What is the date of October 10, according to the Book of Medicine, October 10 of the lunar calendar is an auspicious day, a good month for medicinal plants to gather yin and yang, and become the best. Therefore, doctors attach great importance to this Tet.

In general, this New Year is the New Year of Mr. Dong, Mrs. Cot, the doctors, they often make a lavish table.

Each locality celebrates the 10/10 Mid-Autumn Festival with different customs and meanings.

For some rural areas, Trung Thap Tet is roughly called New Rice Festival, Thuong Tan New Year. On this occasion, the families take new rice to make banh day, blow rice and boil chicken to offer to ancestors and gods, Buddha celebrates the harvest and prays for favorable weather. People also often make banh giay, cook braised tea to worship the ancestors and then give it to their loved ones.

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What day is October 10, in the Red River Delta, Mekong River Delta, folk believe that this is the New Year to celebrate the new rice. Because this is the occasion when the crops are harvested, a ceremony to thank the gods for their blessings.

For ethnic minorities in the Viet Bac forest or in the Central Highlands, what day is October 10, when the corn and rice in the fields have been harvested, the food is sure in the house, so the whole village , the whole business has a good season for Tet. The joy of Tet is the rotation season throughout the houses in the hamlet, which lasts all month, until it rains outside, and the new season begins again.

What is October 10th, also known as the day when the villagers show their gratitude to the gods, the weather has been favorable with rain and wind, and the harvest is abundant. Expressing the tradition of “drinking water, remember the source”, “eating fruit, remembering the person who planted the tree” has existed for thousands of years.

October 10, capital liberation day

Hanoi Liberation Day, or the day the Vietnamese People’s Army entered and took over Hanoi from the French colonialists after the Indochina War, October 10, 1954.

Liberating the capital on October 10 – Vietnamese national pride

Wherever our soldiers went, the people and compatriots poured out on both sides of the road, waving flags and flowers, cheering there. Welcome gates, slogans erected all over the streets, brilliant red flags with yellow stars fluttering everywhere.

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What day is October 10th – The day Hanoi capital is clean of enemies

Uncle Ho statue hand-cast with 100% pure copper, authentic body

5:00 p.m.: All the people of the capital are neatly dressed holding the national flag, Uncle Ho’s photo, fresh flowers, arranged in orderly ranks according to each office, factory, school, neighborhood…, pulled up to the children. The road was announced in advance that the army marched through.

The first convoy led by Major General Vuong Thua Vu, Chairman of the Military Commission and Doctor Tran Duy Hung, Vice Chairman of the Military Commission, passed through Hang Duong, Hang Dao and the city center.

8:00 am: The Western Wing departs from Quan Ngua, which are infantrymen of the Capital Regiment. Soldiers marched through Kim Ma, Hang Day, Cua Nam, Hang Bong, Hang Dao, etc., until 9:45 a.m. entered the East Gate of Hanoi.

8:45 a.m.: The Southern Army departed from Vietnam campus, advanced through Bach Mai, Hue street, circled Hoan Kiem Lake, then circled around to occupy the entire Don Thuy and Dau Xao areas.

9:30 am: The motorized and artillery convoy departs from Bach Mai, passes through Bach Mai street, Hue street, 10:5 am to Bo Ho, past Hang Dao, Hang Ngang, Dong Xuan market, turn to Cua Bac street to enter the citadel. at 10:45 am.

15:00: The whistle of the City Opera House sounded for a long time, tens of thousands of Hanoi people solemnly attended the flag-raising ceremony held by the Military Administration Committee at the Flagpole Stadium with the participation of various units. army. After the flag-raising ceremony, Chairman of the Military Commission Vuong Thua Vu respectfully read the call of President Ho Chi Minh to the people of the Capital on the occasion of liberation day.

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What day is October 10 – a holiday, an extremely important event, deciding the independence of the Vietnamese people

Our Party and State have three times awarded Hanoi Capital with the Gold Star Medal in 1994, 2004, 2010 and the title of Hero City in 2000.