1 /“ʃouldə/ 2 Common 2.1 Noun, plural shoulders 2.1.1 Shoulder (part of the body) 2.1.2 Shoulder 2.1.3 Shoulder (of animals) 2.1.4 (plural) posterior shoulder bottle, tool, mountain) 2.1.8 Work, fight together, shoulder to shoulder; solidarity 2.2 Inner verb 2.2.1 (military) holding gun 2.3 External verb 2.3.1 Put (something) on ​​one’s shoulder 2.3.2 (figuratively) carry on shoulder; shoulder (responsibility..) 2.3.3 Push (who/what) with one’s shoulder 2.4 word forms 3 Majors 3.1 Mechatronics 3.1.1 Shoulders, edges, margins 3.2 Mechanics & constructions 3.2. 1 protrusion 3.2.2 shaft end bearing 3.2.3 shoulder shoulder 3.2.4 shaft shoulder 3.2.5 convex rim 3.3 Traffic & transportation 3.3.1 roadway 3.3.2 ballast shoulder 3.4 Car 3.4. 1 sidewall 3.5 Construction of 3.5.1 shoulder of road 3.6 General engineering 3.6.1 for ledge 3.6.2 for shoulder 3.6.3 curb 3.6.4 ledge 3.6.5 rim 3.6.6 lug 3.6.7 road 3.6.8 shoulder 3.7 Economics 3.7.1 shoulder blade part 3.7.2 shoulder 4 Related words 4.1 Synonyms 4.1.1 verb 4.2 Antonym 4.2.1 verb /“ʃouldə//


noun, plural shoulders

Shoulders (part of the body) Shoulders Shoulder (of animals) (plural) the back part between the shoulders a person with board shoulders someone with broad shoulders

(plural) the person considered to be responsible shift the blame onto somebody els’ shoulders the burden of guilt has been lifted from my shoulders

(military) pose

shoulder by shoulder

Work, fight together, shoulder to shoulder; to cry on someone’s shoulders to cry on someone’s shoulders to find comfort can carry heavy loads; can shoulder a lot of responsibility to put (set) one”s shoulder to the wheel to “tell straight from the shoulder” rub shoulders

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(military) holding a gun

Transitive verb

Put (something) on ​​my shoulder to shoulderred one”s rucksack sling backpack

(figuratively) shouldered; to shoulder (responsibility..)

word form

V-ed: ShoulderedVing: Shouldering



Shoulders, ledges, edges, margins

Shoulders, ledges, edges, margins

Engineering & Construction

notched protrusion bearing head shaft shoulder shoulder blade shoulder blade

Explain EN: A portion of a shaft or of a stepped or flanged object that has an increasing diameter.

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Giải thích EN: A part of a shaft or of a flanged and full body of increasing diameter.

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convex rim


roadside hard shoulder reinforced shoulder unsurfaced shoulder unreinforced shoulder roadside

ballet background


side of tire


Shoulder line

Explain EN: The edge of a road or highway.

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Giải thích EN: The edge of a road or highway.

inner shoulderoutoutouter shoulderoutouter

General technique

shoulder contouring hard shoulder reinforced shoulderroad shoulder grading curb levelingshoulder trimming curb unsurfaced shoulder unreinforced shoulder

shoulder rim


shoulder blade part

Related words


verb accept , assume , bear , carry , take on , take upon oneself , bulldoze * , elbow , hustle , nudge , press , push aside , shove , thrust , incur , tackle , take over , undertake


verb deny , refuse