Influencer marketing is one of the most popular social media trends. Actually, this is a kind of “seeing people over and making them”, but in a win-win relationship, both sides benefit. If you are running or intend to conduct an influencer marketing campaign, the following should be kept in mind.

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To learn about influencer marketing, we must first know who an influencer is.

An Influencer is a person who is able to influence others, especially on purchasing decisions, thanks to their reputation, knowledge, or relationships with other audiences. An influencer can also be someone who has many followers. track in a certain field, also known as “niche”.

In the age of digital, social media influencers – influencers on social media are the most sought after objects. The coverage of each influencer will also be different, not every larger the coverage, the more “pricey”. Depending on who the target customer group is, the business will choose the right influencer to “send gold”.

Popular influencer groups today:

CelebritiesIndustry experts and thought leadersBloggers and content creatorsMicro Influencers

You have to understand that influencers don’t have to be celebrities. They can be anyone, anywhere. In any industry, in any field, there will be influencers, and your job is to find them.


Influencer marketing understood in the most “sticky” way, is a business that asks influencers to promote its products and brands and pay them a commission.

Influencer marketing now is not just a beauty queen appearing on TV, holding a jar of ABC ice cream and giving compliments. Influencer marketing in the digital age is not “raw” like that. It has more expressions, is more subtle, and is guaranteed to hit the “prey”.

Do you know the famous guy PewDiePie on Youtube? He collaborated with a French horror film crew to produce a video series. In it, he will undergo trials in the catacombs. Of course, this series satisfied 27 million subscribers to the PewDiePie channel. But at the same time, the movie’s trailer when it was released also received nearly twice as many views. Both sides benefit.

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That’s a simple example of influencer marketing.

Consumers today tend to put their trust in the voice of a third party, be it a relative, another consumer, or someone they care about and trust. That’s why influencer marketing – the method of taking advantage of the voice of influencers is increasingly gaining the throne.


There are countless things to talk about when building an influencer marketing campaign, from choosing the right side to send gold, creating a timeline to measuring effectiveness and commissions… This article will cover the most important points that people need. know when to enter the game with influencers.

1. Not the best, but the most suitable

Brands often tend to look for Influencers with the most fans, the most popularity, regardless of whether they are suitable for their product or not.

For example, a software company that works with a movie star doesn’t sound like much. To avoid this situation, the best thing you can do is to do thorough research:

Your target customersSocial media platforms they frequentThe influencers that have their reach

The following lesson from Volvo is a testament to the fact that “you are very nice, but we are not compatible”.

Volvo partnered with Chriselle Lim, a Korean-American blogger and YouTuber known for her content on lifestyle, fashion and motherhood. And of course when Chriselle started posting promotional posts for an event of a car company, her fans were… confused, and then commented with backlash. Apparently Volvo’s appearance on Chriselle’s channel was too unnatural, and not what her fans expected.

2. Go to the right place to find the right person

Once you know what the right person for your brand is, the next step is to find them. Find where?

Revu: If you are afraid of losing time in finding influencers, especially nano and micro influencer groups, use Revu. This platform helps to implement Influencer campaigns with scale of 10 – 1000 people at the same time according to a completely new 5-step process: Post job – Apply – Select – Experience – Post.

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Buzzsumo: With this tool, you will find the hottest articles on social networks, related to your topic. You will also easily “find out” who is sharing those content with the most positive effect.

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7Saturday: This is a platform to connect brands and influencers in the Vietnamese market. Currently 7Saturday has more than 10,000 celebrity influencers celebrities, experts, hot Facebookers… even fictional characters, in all fields.

Hiip: Similar to 7Saturday, Hiip is one of the leading influencer marketing platforms in Southeast Asia, having cooperated with many big brands such as CGV, Lazada, The Coffee House…

3. Don’t be too dominant on influencers

The common mentality of brands in this game is “I spend money, you have to do it according to my will”. They want to control the message the influencer will convey, and how it will be delivered.

Remember that influencer marketing is you borrowing the words of an influencer to spread your product and brand, not you taking their stage. This mistake will make the transmission of information become irregular, awkward, and reduce the credibility of the followers.

You should only exchange, interact and build long-term relationships with influencers, let them participate in meetings, discuss campaigns, let them contribute ideas and decide for themselves the most suitable promotion. , because they clearly understand their followers.

Here is an example.

If you’re a fan of Ramona Singer, the star of Real Housewives of New York, you know that she’s known for her “flashy”, funny, and somewhat… silly sayings. But if one day you surf Instagram and catch Ramona posting an extremely long, professional post, you will know right away that it is staged by the brand.

This post is even more revealing when she carelessly copied / pasted the caption “fresh” by the Rodan + Fields brand, including the instructions in the first paragraph of the writer.

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4. Have a decent remuneration

Many brands pay exorbitant prices to hire influencers, but there are also brands that want influencers to promote for little or no remuneration.

Compensation that is too high or too low can negatively affect your partnership. Please discuss this matter thoroughly before working together. There are influencers who accept only monetary compensation, but there are also those who also agree to receive free products or experience exclusive services. But in general, you have to create enough motivation for them to promote your product or brand in a conscious way.

If you don’t have a large budget, think about paying commissions on every order received from an influencer. This way, you’ll make sure the influencer’s costs don’t exceed the sales, and they’ll share some of the responsibility.

5. Don’t forget to measure campaign effectiveness

Here are a few tools you can use to measure influencer marketing effectiveness. But remember, there are “soft benefits” that are hard to measure with metrics, like love or brand awareness.

Affiliate links: Affiliate links help you track the number of orders generated through blog posts or social networks of influencers.

Promo codes: You can create your own promotional codes for influencers to promote, such as Chi Pu fans when buying products and entering the code CHIPU will receive a 20% discount. This way both promotes an increase in orders, and helps you know where the order comes from.

Google Analytics: By setting up an Event goal in Google Analytics, you can determine how many customers have visited a landing page or online store from an influencer campaign.

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Influencer marketing is just an option, a small part of an overall marketing plan. To know how to build a marketing plan that can be applied in practice, do not miss the Hands-on Marketing course – real marketing with the guidance of veteran industry experts.