Ghost Festival is the guest name of Halloween. Recently, this event has been interested by many young people, companies and startups who like new and creative things. To organize the Halloween festival properly and successfully, first of all, it is necessary to understand what Halloween is. Same meaning and featured activities on this day. In the following article, we will provide you with the most basic information about this devil’s day.

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Note when organizing halloween for business

What day is Halloween?

Halloween is a western holiday celebrated on October 31 every year. The name Halloween is an abbreviation of the phrase “All Hallows Evening” which means holy evening.

This is a time to remember saints and martyrs. People take advantage of the image of the devil to humorously mock evil things, embody the devil; as well as how to strengthen people against the power of death.

The meaning of Halloween

On Halloween, there is a legend about the greedy Jack who cannot go to heaven. But he also can’t go to hell because when he was alive he played with the devil. So Jack became a wandering soul. This legend has left a lesson for young people about miserliness will not receive good luck and good things.

Besides, the devil games here can be evil pranks or acts of socializing and playing with real demons.

Regardless of the meaning, it is a bad action and has to pay the price, so live beautifully.

Halloween is born as a day for lonely and lost souls. Thus opening the opportunity for ghosts to mix with humans when everyone is dressed as a ghost.

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Halloween night activities


Halloween is an opportunity for attendees to freely show their bravery and ego as well as their hobbies.

In the past, traditional costumes for ghost festivals were ghosts, witches, skeletons, etc.

But before the development of creativity, the film industry that Halloween characters is constantly expanding; from serial killers, horror movie characters,…

In short, Halloween night will be filled with horror, spooky, mourning, … often with 2 colors black, white and orange – of the pumpkin, as the main theme.

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Impressive Halloween costumes for all ages

The children’s traditional Halloween night activity is trick or treat. The children will be dressed in costumes, needing a bag with the shape of a spooky pumpkin; or a witch’s sack that begs for candy around the neighborhood.

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The saying “Trick or treat” is translated as “give candy or be tricked”. The intention to show the generosity of the host to the children.

Otherwise, you will face the same situation as the stingy Jack guy; or in fact the owner’s house will be teased by the kids if they don’t give them candy.

Telling ghost stories

In such a creepy atmosphere, a ghost story will make it even more halloween.

Horrible stories about ghostly, supernatural phenomena; Combined with the wind effect, the light will make the listener’s hair shiver, haunting until they get home.

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