Ceremony – In addition to wedding receptions and fun with friends, Ceremony is a great ceremony that any Western wedding must have. Because in this moment, CDCR officially became husband and wife in the presence of close people around them. The couple exchanged vows – The vow – romance and sent love to each other to start a new married life.

Watching: What is Ceremony?

Western wedding

Ceremony is a ceremony that originated in the West. Western weddings, the couple does not pay attention to the number of guests, or to invite “unknown” guests. Couples focus on the real emotions that each guest can feel together, share the joy with the most happiness. Because of that, Western weddings seem to have very few guests, especially with the Ceremony, the number does not exceed 50 people. Those who attend, are relatives and closest friends that couples want to witness this great moment with them.

The ceremony is also not too demanding in terms of wedding decoration space. Just a simple flower gate as a stage, or even take advantage of the wonderful natural background when holding an outdoor wedding. Also taking advantage of that natural setting, the moment of sunset, when the sky becomes more romantic than ever, is the golden moment for every ceremony. The ceremony also only has aisles and rows of seats that are neatly arranged and ensure that all guests can clearly observe when the couple celebrates.

Vietnamese style celebration

For Vietnamese people, most people are quite familiar with the image of hasty wedding parties with a rather large scale of guests. Weddings are quite similar. Guests hurriedly appeared, attended the dinner party, ate and drank, and CDCR hurriedly greeted each table. Everyone had a good time and then quickly left. The rituals are also traditional from when the Lady appeared with her relatives, the groom greeted and then the couple cut the cake, poured wine and shared wine with everyone.

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In fact, these traditional ceremonies are also Vietnamese-style Ceremony. The only difference is that the couple combined with the dinner party, with a larger number of guests, sitting together at the round table and watching. Traditional Vietnamese weddings also have vows, which are times when CDCR says love for each other. Whether there is not a proper speech, or the appearance of the wedding host and the correct “Yes, I do” statement from abroad.

The vow – an indispensable vow in a romantic Ceremony

Vows are not just words written neatly on small pieces of paper. The vow – the moment when the couple says their vows is when the couple gives each other the most sincere feelings. From the moment they met, fell in love and now they are starting a new married life together. If CDCR is ready to hold a private Ceremony with relatives. Then firmly believe that, there are no flowery words or empty words when couples exchange feelings for each other. The most important thing is still “Yes, I do” After those emotions will be the sentence “I/I do”. agree” to go home together.

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And, in fact, today’s young couples are also gradually opening up and accepting more new things on their wedding day. Ceremony ceremonies are held privately in a romantic setting, with the most succinct number of guests and wishing for the most romantic feelings on their big day.


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