The Manor Central Park project is a high-class project invested by BITEXCO group with a scale of up to 89ha. Located at the golden position of Nguyen Xien Street – Deserving to be a megacity with the most modern design style in Hanoi. The project has a full range of adjacent products, villas, apartments, offices with the highlight being the 7.5ha central park and the adjacent 100ha Chu Van An Park.

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Table of contents

1 1. Project overview The Manor Central Park2 2. Project location The Manor Central Park2.1 2.1 Specific location2.2 2.1 Regional linkage3 3. Progress of The Manor Central Park4 4. Site plan – Planning – Design The Manor Central Park 4.1 4.1 Single Villas 4.2 4.2 Twin Villas 4.3 4.3 Townhouses 4.4 4.3 Shophouse 5 5. Utilities The Manor Central Park 5.1 5.1 Internal amenities5. 2 5.2 Off-site amenities6 6. Owner Bitexco6.1 2.1 History 6.2 2.2 Activities 6.3 2.3 Notable real estate projects7 7. Conclusion

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1. Overview of The Manor Central Park project

Project name: The Manor Central Park Urban Area Investor: BITEXCO GROUP Address: Nguyen Xien Street, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi Project scale: 89 hectares Total investment capital: $1.9 billion – Equivalent to 44,000 billion VND. Construction density: 20% Central park area: 7ha and 5 finger parks Land area for green trees and road yards: 32,029 m2 Area of ​​concentrated green land: 38,864 m2 School land area: 32,029 m2 Direct connection: Chu Van An Park 110 hectares with water surface area of ​​40 hectares Total number of low-rise houses: 1,066 units including villas, townhouses, shophouse Total high-rise buildings: 17 apartment buildings with total 7,550 apartments Consulting and design unit: EE&K – Carlos Zapata Company Expected handover year: Quarter IV/2018 Ownership: Permanent Red Book

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2. Location of The Manor Central Park project

The Manor Central Park project is located in a prime location on Nguyen Xien street right next to a 100-hectare park (Chu Van An park).

2.1 Specific location

Located at the intersection of Ring Road 3 – Nguyen Xien &

East: Adjacent to the newly completed road connecting to the West: Adjacent to Chu Van An Street (Nguyen Xien – Xa La) South: Adjacent to Chu Van An Park North: Adjacent to Nguyen Xien Street

2.1 Regional Links

From the project, you can go very easily to the central locations as well as the main utilities of the capital

National Convention Center: 3.5Km away Amsterdam High School: 3.8Km away Traditional Italian Medicine Hospital: 1Km away

3. Progress The Manor Central Park

The project is divided into 2 phases. Currently, the project is completing the items of low-rise buildings, landscape for phase 1 and the central park part

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4. Site – Planning – Design The Manor Central Park

The design of The Manor Central Park project is renovated in a modern architectural style. In line with the dynamic and youthful pace of life, but without losing the traditional features of Hanoi architecture. The apartments are arranged in a harmonious and reasonable manner near utility areas to help residents fully enjoy high-class and quality services.

The product forms offered for sale at The Manor Central Park project are:

Single and duplex villas Townhouses Commercial townhouses (Shophouse) High-rise buildings: 18 Office buildings: 2 twin towers as the project’s symbol

4.1 Single Villa Area

Total number of apartments: 159 units Platinum Area: 200m2 – 279m2 Gold Area: 160m2 – 244m2

4.2 Duplex Area

Total number of apartments: 21 units Platinum floor area: 294m2 – 468.3m2 Diamond land area: 600m2 – 704m2

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4.3 Townhouses

Total number of apartments: 164 units Golden land area: 99m2 – 192.8 m2 Platinum land area: 120m2 – 180m2

4.3 Shophouse Area

Total number of apartments: 722 units Gold land area: 99m2 – 195m2 Silver land area: 73m2 – 75m2 Platinum land area: 114.5m2 – 131m2

5. The Manor Central Park Utilities

The Manor Central Park project fully converges top-notch amenities and quality of a complex urban area. All entertainment and entertainment services of the project are arranged in a reasonable and harmonious way. Investor BITEXCO always focuses on connecting the community and increasing business potential. Commercial streets easily give residents access to high-class services.


5.1 Local amenities

Central Park: 6.6ha wide, equal to Hoan Kiem Lake, full of high-class and pioneering facilities, International High-Tech Research and Development Center, International School, International School, Retail Business Center. Mixed sports Community living area Kindergarten Area Walking Street Finger Park Swimming pool 4 seasons outdoor and indoor Modern and comfortable office area Busy pedestrian street Nursing garden for the elderly …

5.2 External facilities

Arrive Big C Thang Long supermarket: 13 minutes away To National Convention Center: 15 minutes by car To My Dinh Bus Station: 20 minutes to Hoan Kiem Lake: 25 minutes to Giap Bat Bus Station: 20 minutes to Thanh Tri Bridge: 20 minutes away

6. Investor Bitexco

Bitexco is a real estate giant in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City with high-end segments. Specifically

2.1 History of formation

BITEXCO Group started from a small textile company in Thai Binh province, North Vietnam in 1985. Nearly 30 years of operation, the company has grown stronger and stronger and operates in many fields. In 1997: The company expanded into other fields such as investing in mineral water production. The Group boldly invested in modern machinery and equipment to build and develop the brand: Vital became the first mineral water brand in Vietnam. Produced according to technology meeting European quality standards (Italy). Year 2000: Marked a great development in the real estate field with outstanding and classy projects that made a strong impression on customers and investors Up to now, the group has been constantly growing, this reflected in the projects that the Group has invested in and implemented. Increasingly raising the brand name to reach out to domestic and foreign customers

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2.2 Areas of activity

Investment and trading in real estate Mineral water production Hydroelectricity Investment in construction and development of transport infrastructure Financial investment Investment in mineral exploitation Oil and gas…

2.3 Typical real estate projects

The Manor Central Park Urban Area Project Location: Nguyen Xien Street, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi Scale: 89 hectares The Manor Me Tri Project Location: Me Tri – Hanoi JW Mariot Hotel Project Location: Do Duc Duc – Hanoi BITEXCO financial tower project Location: District 1, Ho Chi Minh City Scale: 6,000m2


7. Conclusion

The Manor Central Park project is creating a new living value that has been only a distant dream of the people until now. This has been realized by BITEXCO Group through the design with modern, smart, and convenient architecture. Promising to bring a “super product” of flourishing urban development, class and quality.

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