HDD Regenerator software will help you solve all problems with your hard drive, such as fixing bad sectors of HDD, recovering bad sectors of HDD, recovering damaged files, monitoring HDD. The advantage of this software is to find and fix errors quite quickly, support for many file systems, provide different scanning modes depending on system status, work on all Windows operating systems.

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HDD Regenerator is a software that checks and fixes basic errors on hard drives, can repair Bad Sector in DOS environment by creating a floppy disk containing a Bootable repair program. HDD Regenerator is the simplest way for you to deal with the common Bad Sector problem on hard drives.

HDD Regenerator gives you tools to fix physical errors on the hard drive, the ability to repair Bad Sector in a DOS environment by creating a floppy disk containing a Bootable repair program. In addition, this software also preserves the data on the disk during the milking process, which is essential for computers that have used the drive for a long time.

HDD Regenerator supports repair and recovery of faulty computer hard drives that occur in many use cases. With HDD Regenerator, most data including text, image, audio formats … are restored quickly and efficiently, you won’t have to worry about hard drive failure leading to data loss

HDD Regenerator is an extremely effective utility software for hard drives containing bad sectors. With just a few simple steps, the important data in your hard drive will not be easily lost, but can be fully recovered thanks to this software.

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To better understand how to fix bad hard drives with HDD Regenerator, see the instructions in our article on how to fix bad hard drives with HDD Regenerator in our tips section.

Step 2: Look at the main window, first you can see the line “Click here to repair physical bad sector on damaged drive surface under Windows (XP,Vista,7,8)”. This is the feature of scanning and fixing bad sectors directly on Windows, you will no longer need to restart and enter MS Dos to do it like previous versions.

– And Boot USB Flash and Boot CD/DVD are basically the same as above, only you create a bootable USB or CD/DVD and fix bad when you restart the machine. To use this function, you plug in a USB or insert a CD/DVD into the machine and then click on the corresponding item. Then you just need to restart the computer, press F12 and select boot by USB or CD/DVD, then the program will automatically run and the interface will appear the same as when editing directly on Windows.

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Step 3: To use the bad repair function directly on Windows, you must first close all remaining programs running on the computer, then click on the item Click here to repair physical bad sector on damaged driver surface under Windows (XP,Vista,7,8). Then a message appears, click Cancel, because if you choose Yes, the program will force the computer to restart.

Step 4: Next, select the Choose driver to process item, select your hard drive, and then click Start Process. A new window will appear, click Cancel. At this point, a black panel appears, including options for the user.

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Step 5: Option 1 is only scanning, not fixing errors. Option 2 is to both scan and fix errors. You just need to press the number 2 and Enter.

– Next, select Scan and repair, then select Start Sector 0 and wait for the program to finish. Depending on the capacity of the hard drive, the scan time varies, usually more than 1 hour.

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– As you can see, the letter B indicates the bad sector that has just been scanned, and the R is the number of bad sectors that have been recovered.

As you can see, fixing bad hard drives with HDD Regenerator is really simple. In addition, you can refer to and use other computer system cleaning software on riclix.com such as CCleaner, Wise Care 365 Free