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benefit /”benifit/ noun benefit, benefitfor special benefit of: for my own benefit;the book is of much benefit to me: the book helped me a lot with the performances; match (for support, mutual aid) ((also) benifit night; benifit match) allowance (legal) exclusive jurisdiction (not normally tried by the courts, for the priest…) to give somebody the benefit of the doubt intransitive to benefit from to benefit by something: to take advantage of something

benefit benefitbenefit cost analysis: capital analysis benefit benefit analysis: capital analysis benefit benefit Fringe benefit: supplementary benefit benefit (UNJSPF): early retirement benefit: nonindividual retirement benefit: individual benefitretirement benefit: superannuation benefit service benefit: service benefit : sickness benefit social security benefit: social security benefit unemployment benefit: low unemployment benefitwidow’s benefit: widow’s benefit benefitadditional benefit: side benefit (in personal insurance)additional benefit: extra benefitbenefit in kind: benefit in kindbenefit of association: benefit in combinationbenefit of execution: benefit benefit of argumentbenefit of insurance clause: benefit clause of insurancebenefit principle: benefit tax principle selectexternal benefit: external benefit incremental benefit: additional benefitpecuniary benefit: monetary benefitproduct benefit: product benefit side benefit: additional benefit social cost and benefit: social cost and benefit total benefit: total benefitvested benefit: benefit benefit without benefit to/ of salvage employmentsickness benefit: sickness benefit, sickness benefit, sick leavesupplementary benefit: additional unemployment benefitunemployment benefit: unemployment benefitbenefit countr ywater benefitbenefit countrybenefit countrybenefit countrybenefit cub association friendshipbenefit of argumentright of argumentbenefit of argumentright of giving evidencebenefit of cessionright of concessionbenefit societybenefit societyreciprocalsocietybenefit value value enjoyed. cash benefit, cash benefit, cost benefit analysis, interest fee analysis, death benefit, death benefit, death benefit, defined benefit pension plan, retirement benefit planning, disability benefit, disability benefit, disability benefit, disability benefit, business to mutual benefit (to…) beneficialeconomic benefitEconomic benefit noun o benefit; Welfare; privilege verb o to benefit

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Terms in the field of Insurance


Insurance benefits

The amount the insurance company is obligated to pay or will pay to the beneficiary and has collected the premium.

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Collocation Dictionary

benefit noun

1 advantage

ADJ. considerable, enormous, great, major, real, substantial This could bring real benefits for teachers. | maximum | additional The scheme has many additional benefits. | fringe (= extra things that an employer gives as well as wages) The fringe benefits include free health insurance. | mutual The different environmental groups could work together to their mutual benefit. | potential | long-term, short-term | economic, environmental, financial, health, social | tax

VERB + BENEFIT enjoy, have The motor industry will be one of the first to enjoy the benefits of the recovery. children who have the benefit of a stable home background | derive, gain, get, obtain, reap, receive The company derived substantial benefit from the deal. I reaped the benefits of all my early training. | bring, offer, provide The new factory will bring considerable benefits to the area. This deal will offer major benefits to industrialists and investors.

BENEFIT + VERB accumulate the benefits that accumulate from a good education

PREP. for sb”s ~ We shall do this for the benefit of the patients. | of ~ to This arrangement will be of great benefit to you both. | to sb”s ~ It will be to everyone”s benefit. | with/without the ~ of managing to work without the benefit of modern technology | ~ for the benefits for companies | ~ from the benefits from tourism | ~ of the benefit of a steady income | ~ to What are the benefits to investors?

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2 money

ADJ. welfare | state | means-tested, universal One way to cut spending is to move from universal benefits?those paid to everyone regardless of need?to means-tested ones. | cash | child, housing, sickness, social security, unemployment

QUANT. amount, level

VERB + BENEFIT be eligible for, be entitled to, qualify for | claim You may be able to claim housing benefit. | draw, get, receive He receives unemployment benefit. | be dependent on | lose She is worried that if she takes on a job she will lose her benefits. | cut The government has cut unemployment benefit. | increase

BENEFIT + VERB be paid Benefit is paid monthly.

BENEFIT + NOUN benefits agency | office | payment | system

PREP. on ~ He”s on social security benefit.

Từ điển WordNet

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English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

benefits|benefited|benefitted|benefiting|benefittingant.: damage lose loss