Do you need to use a pitch deck for your presentation?

The use of Pitch decks has become extremely popular with the explosion of the startup wave in recent years. You will often find pitch decks from startups and small businesses looking for backing from investors. If you are looking to start a business and need support from others, the Pitch Deck is essential for meetings. In this tutorial, Saga will show you how to use PowerPoint templates to quickly build a successful Pitch Deck. You’ll learn more about the right floor format for your PPT pitch presentation and use pre-built themes to speed up the process.

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What is a Pitch Deck

?The term “Pitch Deck” has many meanings. Usually, the Pitch Deck is what leads investors to invest in your company in exchange for a piece of it. However, convincing investors to raise capital is not the only time you need to use the Pitch Deck.

(Pitch Deck is a brief presentation, usually created with PowerPoint, Keynote, or Prezi, used to give your audience an overview of your business plan. Pitch Deck in face-to-face or online meetings with potential investors, customers, partners, and co-founders.)

In general, think of a Pitch Deck as an act of inspiration for your business. You can convey a message to new business, investors in your company or even new employees. The point of a pitch desk is to share your vision with your audience and inspire them to agree to go with you.

Learn more about PitchDecks in PPTs and slides


What is PowerPoint Slides? (PPT presentation)

There are many Pitch Decks devoted to convincing investors that have succeeded in supporting startups that have succeeded by making a strong impression. Let’s take a look at a Pitch Deck (an example of a PowerPoint PPT presentation) used by companies for funding rounds and seeking investor support.

1. Airbnb

Known as AirBed & Breakfast at the time, their Pitch Deck gives us a first look at how Airbnb became one of the largest booking agencies in the world. Take a look at Airbnb’s Pitch Deck back then:

AirBnB Pitch Deck from Malcolm Lewis

One thing I like about the Pitch Deck is that the idea is summed up in one sentence on the opening slide: “Book rooms with locals, rather than hotels”. (Book with locals, instead of hotels).

This Pitch Deck has done a great job of establishing Airbnb’s position in the rental market by showing the number of trips booked. It also shows Airbnb’s competitive advantage to survive and answers the question of why investors should invest in Airbnb.

2. Mint

The Mint is one of the most popular personal finance management tools, and it’s easy for the vision to show up on the Pitch Deck. This is the Mint’s Pich Deck.

MintPre-Launch Pitch Deck from Hiten Shah

The strongest part of this Pitch Deck is showing how Mint is different from the rest of the tools (slide 6.) Compared to the others, Mint offers a unique set of features that no single tool has. can be performed.

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3. Mixpanel

You may not have heard of Mixpanel, but it has carved out its background in the analytics race like only a few other companies have. Take a look at the slide decks from Mixpanel:

Mixpanel – Our pitch deck that we used to raise to $65M from Suhail Doshi

This Pitch Deck PPT not only shows past achievements, it also has a very clear goal for the direction the company is headed. Investors can easily see how their capital will be deployed to develop Mixpanel.

We’ve looked at some examples of successful pitch decks. Now it’s time to learn how to create your own Pitch Deck.

How to quickly build a suitable Pich Deck

In this tutorial, we’ll be using the impressive Pitch Werk (download it here) to create an impressive Pitch Deck. You can get this PPT presentation design after signing up for an account at Envato Elements. It provides you with several professional slide designs to help you make your pitch deck for your startup idea quickly!

When you sign up for an Elements account, you get access to over 400,000 promotional assets, and that’s what you get with a low-cost account. This includes over 750 different PowerPoint templates that you can use as a starting point on your original design. Explore more awesome PowerPoint slide template designs:

A pre-built theme gives you many advantages. You are often likely to fall into lack of time if starting a business and preparing for a Pitch Deck. Using an existing theme allows you to start with a basic template and create your own content.

Using the Pitch Werk PowerPoint template for startups, we’ll build a PPT deck template presentation for a fictional business. Create a classic Pich Deck to raise capital from potential investors. We’ll take the existing slides and tweak them to suit our own purposes..

1. Group Introduction

It is often said that investors don’t invest in ideas, they invest in teams. Reviewing your team’s credentials and accomplishments will build confidence in your abilities.

Many investors believe that if you assemble an ideal team with an idea, breakthrough solutions will be created. You should start by recommending associates based on your product.

For this slide, I really like slide 19. Inside each of these boxes can be used to list a team member’s name and their role in the company.

The opening for this Pitch Deck has six slots for introducing a team.

In my Pitch Deck template, I decided to use the boxes at the top of each employee photo and the boxes below to share more details. In the screenshot below, see how I simply removed the image placeholders and used those spaces for the group description.

I added my own images and text to replace some of the boxes and introduce my team.

When you use a Pitch Deck PowerPoint template for startups like Pitch Werk, you must remember that opening slides can be easily customized. If there are no slides available to introduce the group, just find the right space and include the information you want to have for yourself.

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Another PowerPoint slide selection: slide 30 takes a more traditional approach to listing team members.

2. Describe the problem that exists

Even the most savvy investors don’t know every market opportunity that may exist for a new business. A well-constructed Pitch Deck will include making viewers aware of the existing problem..

If you have data and statistics on the size of the market your business will be in, please share those statistics. When companies are highly rated and there is a chance for a settlement, it helps investors understand at what size the market is potential for these services.

Slide 14 is a great choice for this purpose. With concentric (overlapping) circles, you can depict different markets or niches for the issue at hand. Use the circles to describe the size of the market (potential revenue) you can get.

You can use the number 14 Pitch Deck slide design to describe the size of the problem you’re solving.

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But more importantly, describe the problem: you need to frame it as an opportunity. Opportunity is how you create new business. When potential investors or advisors see that there is a legitimate need for what your company will offer, there is a strong chance that they will come on board with you.

Another slide option: slide 15 is a “opportunity size” approach similar to slide 14 but with a different presentation.

3. Provide solution

After you have identified the steps for the existing problem your team is working on. By now, potential investors should have an idea of ​​both the problem that exists, and why it is an attractive area to tackle.

Now, it’s time to come up with a solution. To be a compelling business, you must find the intersection of the opportunity and the possible tools to connect the opportunity.

When you propose a solution, there are two main sections that people need to see:

How You Be Different. Solutions have been made to every real problem, but that doesn’t mean they’re successful. Why can your solution solve the problem if others have failed? Why are you the right team to do it. What makes your team different? If teams have failed to solve a problem, why is your team better suited to solving it than those in the past?

Both of these points are key reasons when potential investors or employees decide to support your mission and vision. When it comes to slide design, we could really use the many slides built to be Pitch Werk.

Let’s use slide 85 for this purpose as we are showing an application that provides a solution. I do a simple drop of a preview image and update the points to match the target.

Pitch PPT Deck: Slide 85 allows you to store a photo of the solution points

Another slide option: slide 90 is a more minimalist option for showcasing your products.

4. Provide a way

If you are calling capital, investors are betting on your solution to a problem. If you have identified the problem and the solution, they may be interested in the mechanics of how you will implement the solution.

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In this slide, it’s time to pull back the curtain a bit and share at least some upcoming plans to accomplish the goal.

For slides like this, I recommend using slide 24 in Pitch Werk. This is the best way to show the path your company is taking. Each step can describe a milestone you’ve completed. You can also use a timeline score to show potential future goals you have.

In my case, I’m going to show some milestones in my product development. Each of these milestones provides a clear vision of how to solve problems through your product.

Finwiz Story So far

This timeline app shows the progress my app and company are making and achieving.

Another slide option: slide 25 is similar but a more minimalist choice for showing progress over time. This is one of those quick to use slides from the Pitch Deck PPT for startups.

5. Action required

Why offer a Pitch Deck if you’re not asking attendees to take an action? At the end of the presentation is the time to ask for what you need to succeed.

Whether this is a sponsor, consulting service or a potential business partner, you need a slide where what you want is clearly stated. Your audience can’t help you achieve your goals if they don’t know what they are.

For this Pitch Deck PPT, use slide 10 as the starting point for the action slide. It’s a clean and simple slide with room for visualizations as needed.

You can use this slide and detail the status of your current fundraising round. In many Pitch Decks, this last thing is the goal: to ask for capital in exchange for a piece of the company. In most fundraising events for startups, many investors will collect money to fund the company, so it can let everyone know who has invested.

If you need advice or need a board member for your company, tailor the design accordingly. You can include a reason after the bullet point to answer the question of why your company is worth helping and what you will give them.

Another great option: slide 57 has a pie chart. Great if you want more data-driven information on the Pitch Deck PPT.

In the example slides that I shared earlier, you can see that there are many other slides that you can include a pitch deck. You can add details, but these five slides are crucial to success.

If Pitch Werk isn’t your style, don’t hesitate to spend some time checking out some of the other PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements. Or browse through the trending PPT themes available on Envato Market. There are many types of starter PowerPoint presentations and trending presentation designs that will work great for practically any purpose.

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A successful PitchDeck helps build confidence and increases your chances of getting support. Using the tips and topics Saga shared in this tutorial, follow the simple framework to create a professional Pitch Deck in PowerPoint.