Tether – What is USDT? Is it the savior of the entire crypto world, or is it a curse for this place? Seasoned traders must always have a very mixed feeling when buying and selling USDT. In today’s article, let’s learn all about USDT trading with riclix.com. As well as how to create a USDT wallet – a coin that can single-handedly shake the cryptocurrency market.

Watching: What is Tether

Contrary to other cryptocurrencies, Tether USDT has a “peaceful” price chart.

Tether Limited argues that using Tether instead of dollars to buy into cryptocurrencies allows users to securely, quickly and economically transfer cash in and out of the exchange via the USDT wallet. In addition, exchanges often have a not-so-friendly relationship with banks. So trading USDT is one way to limit that.

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3. Questions for Tether

o 04/2017: Problems with Taiwanese banks.

o December 2017: After getting into trouble with US regulators, Tether acquired the services of Friedmann LLP to conduct audits of its foreign currency reserves. However, a month later, Tether unexpectedly parted ways with their audit agency, meaning the audit results would never be disclosed.

o 02/2018: Tether creates a new “batch” of tokens, adding 86 million EURT and 60.1 million USDT to its total circulating money supply.

o March 2018: Tether adds a controversial $300 million to the market amid ambiguous audit questions

o 05/2018: Tether “prints” another $250 million

Most notably, the community has been worried about the unclear relationship between Tether and the Bitfinex exchange. Specifically, in November 2017, a social network account named Bitfinexed accused Bitfinex of “printing” 30 million USDT without USD as collateral and using this USDT to buy bitcoin and some other coins.

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4. Should you trade USDT

? It’s up to you.

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riclix.com just wants to emphasize one thing, the unique position of Tether’s only stable coin is no longer there. And with the problems that Tether itself is avoiding, hopefully you can make the most correct decision.

5. Create a USDT Wallet

Currently there are many ways to create a USDT wallet such as registering at the Tether homepage. Signing up is also very simple.

You can register on exchanges that support USDT (USDT) wallets as well. Unless you buy storage (Saving – raising pigs), create a wallet on the main page of the Tether provider. Otherwise, go to the exchanges to create a USDT wallet.

It can be understood that Tether is like a virtual electronic money bank, supporting the payment of buying and selling virtual currency, ICO coin…

6. Where to buy and sell USDT

?In Vietnam, Remitano is a large and reputable service that can help you trade USDT. We highly recommend using Remitano as an intermediary to buy or sell USDT for cash.

Alternatively, if you already have Bitcoins, you can convert your Bitcoins to USDT through the official Tether website. Or trade at exchanges like Huobi, Binance, HitBTC, Bibox, OKEX, Poloniex, Kucoin.

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Hopefully, with the article explaining what USDT is, as well as tips on buying, selling and creating a USDT wallet riclix.com can give readers an overview of Tether coin to make a good investment decision. best.

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