Entering the Third Millennium, the whole world knows a new reality very clearly without having to worry about debating the ‘vinegar’… about the concept of the Knowledge Economy. The economy whose development is briefly described:

The quality of development is based on the increasing knowledge content in all economic activities. The concept of ‘Creative Capitalism’ gives everyone the opportunity to have and share capital… at any scale- A learning society for each person to constantly improve themselves in order to improve and create added value. From the small job to the product/service package in the supply chain- Organizations are designed to make the most effective use of Knowledge and Knowledge fruits, not just parties. in but also in Society.

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The Core of Technology (engineering or management) is the Expert

I have presented in my Growth Formula to organizations from Business to Government:

In this article I write about Talent (as the old saying goes about Good People with Virtues – but if someone lacks either of these, the risk of harm is much higher than the opportunity they can bring to Society. – because the influence of Tai or Duc on the public is not small). I don’t want to redefine what Hien Tai is, but reflect on the case of the Ancient One, condense it very briefly, and compress it for the thought I want to convey: Talent is always the starting, central, and guiding factor. for all the development of the Society- Their writings are Merits recognized by Life, called Thoughts…even in any era….(absolutely not the kind of people who are called upon. up by titles, diplomas, medals… as cheap as… Beo or extra bone… which Tu Xuong once had to utter!). And if it can be called a Revolution, then it is the Mother Revolution, which produces, nurtures, and leaves behind for future generations many values ​​that every national, every political person is grateful for and learns from. can practice. The Mother Revolution produces wonderful Sons, but unfortunately can sometimes also produce violent, tyrannical Sons… because its Father is a Political Thought! (If Mother is Culture, it will produce value, if Dad is a hero, it will bring out order and class. If Mother is uncultured, and Dad is a forest tree, it will give birth to a Devil!) If Politics is Talented, then Van Phuc Muon Duc will give Non-Nation…!

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Oh ! Where is Hien Tai??? Can you see in what people want to see after so many intellectuals and managers debate, what makes them ‘lift up and put down’ to build a hotel on Vong Canh hill, on 19th street/ twelfth ? In planning, social management?…In what has the Imperial Citadel been discovered? What will the wonderful craft villages of Ha Tay look like when merged back to Hanoi? In bringing Chinese porcelain puzzles for sale in the traditional Bat Trang craft village? In Vietnam’s import from bamboo toothpicks to rice, VINASAT…? The people of Vietnam can only raise their heads to the shoulders of the Great Powers of the Five Provinces because of the merits that the world also benefits from, so the country prospers!

If anyone reads this post of mine, please see it with the article ‘Earth Spirit, Nhan Kiet and Feng Shui’ / Discussing Learning, Knowledge and Intelligence / How is the Rich Different from the Rich?…/ Discussing the Roots development source of Communities, Society, nation… that I have written before, in order to sympathize with each other about our national ideas!!!