Road Redemption is the next generation of the game Road Rash, a legendary racing game series that 8x 9x kids used to play when they were kids.

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With simple gameplay and battle blood, just play the game driving like a real racer. Just racing and fighting with other guys, even meeting the police. Because of this, gamers can sit and practice games all day without getting bored.

In today’s post, Long General will share the Road Redemption Full 2017 download link, and the full installation guide.

Introduction to Road Redemption and how to play

In 2012, indie game studio Dark Seas Interactive announced an action racing game with role-playing elements called Road Redemption, and the game was also billed as “the spiritual successor of Road Rash”.

Road Redemption is a racing game. Although the content is familiar, I also have to give a brief introduction to those who do not know. You will transform into a racer leading your motorcycle gang on a legendary journey across the country in a variety of driving combat adventures.

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The image of the Road Redemption version is very beautiful, Full HD quality, the weapon shop is replenished with a lot of hot goods, the car shop is full of terrible cars like Z1000, H2R, CBR 1000… you can upgrade each part. of the car to make it run more powerful. Please watch the video below for more details.

In Road Redemption, players will take on the role of the leader of a gang, participating in races and taking down riders from other gangs. However, do not rush to think that the race will be “easy to eat” because the “cold-blooded” policemen are always ready to “tone first, ask later” with a dose no less than the “monster drivers”.

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To earn money in the game you need to complete racing missions, assassinations, robberies, and other challenges in your way. As you collect points, you will have capital to upgrade your character, bike and weapon.

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Configuration required to play Road Redemption

Because of the beautiful picture and sound when playing, the quality of the background configuration when installed must also be high to play. Please refer to the configuration below before installing.

Minimum requirements

CPU: 1.4 Ghz or higher RAM: 4 GB Operating system: Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 Graphics card: DirectX 9 compatible Free space: 4GB for game installation

Recommended Configuration

CPU: Speed ​​of 2 Ghz or more Video Card: 1 Gb of memory or more

Download Road Redemption Full

Drive Link:

Road Redemption Full Installation Guide

Step 1: Download File “Road Redemption.rar” and File “Activation”

Step 2: Extract the file “Road Redemption.rar” and run the setup .exe file

Step 3: Extract the “activation” file

Step 4: Copy the File in the “activation” folder to the game installation folder


Above is the introduction as well as sharing the link to download Road Redemption 2017 game of Long General. Don’t forget to follow Long General’s good Offline PC Game column. Wish you have moments of fun gaming!