As the name of the project, each apartment together to create a Crystal River is like a magical crystal right next to the Red River in Ciputra urban area. With unlimited views to the Red River and towards the Ciputra urban area, it is considered as one of the leading urban real estate in Southeast Asia.

Viewing: Sunshine crystal river floor plan

The Sunshine Crystal project of Sunshine Group comes with branded “unique” furniture, and an unprecedented series of “4.0 utilities”, possessing high-class living values ​​worthy of all upper-class residents in Hanoi. Interior.

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Lots of wealth

Sunshine Crystal River is located in the Ciputra International urban area, located along the Red River and adjacent to the major traffic routes of Hanoi connecting through the large urban areas of West Lake West – Diplomatic Corps – Nam Thang Long.

Unique interior

Sunshine Crystal River Ciputra has full furniture including consulting and custom-made design from Europe, bringing unique and different impressions, showing the wealth of the owner.

Overview of the city

Using the latest open design, Sky Villa Sunshine Crystal River Ciputra (Villa in the sky) all use glass instead of block walls, providing a river view, covering the city.

Sustainable value investment

Sunshine Crystal River Ciputra is a house with a precious location, containing the most expensive feng shui elements in Hanoi, an indispensable property in the collection of the elite and rich.

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Absolute privacy

Sunshine Group has used a multi-layer security system operating 24/7, along with an elevator system to choose the destination to recognize the owner’s face, ensuring residents a safe, modern and private life. absolute

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Upstream community

Choosing to become a resident of Sunshine Crystal River project, customers will be connected to a luxurious, rich, civilized, social status, worthy community.

Get 50 million VND for the apartment and 70 million VND for the Sky Suite, only the first 100 CUSTOMERS who order, Discount up to 9% GTCH for early payment plan Free 2 YEARS OF MANAGEMENT FEES premium service 0% INTEREST RATE within 24 months + DISCOUNT 1% GTCH Discount 1% GTCH when customers order from the 2nd apartment or more