Today, with modern equipment, many people are interested because it is accompanied by two modern words that is a device with a solid structure with good components made with high technology, so consumers I really like the equipment that I am about to buy and use must be modern. That’s why manufacturers have tried day and night to find good materials to form the device. A very popular and widely used product line at home and abroad is the contactor. Many people think that this device is not necessary, but in fact, their function will surprise you, that’s why companies large and small in all fields buy this device to install it. perform the task of switching off other devices when the devices associated with them have problems. This article will tell you more about what contactors are and their specific applications so you can choose the best use of them.

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1. What is a contactor (starting word)?

2. Structure and use of Contactor

Structure of Contactor

Uses of Contactor

3. Working principle of Contactor

4. CategoriesContactor

5. Basic parameters of Contactor

6. Advantages of using Contactor

7. Application of Contactor (Start from)

8. Experience choosing Contactor

Select Contactor for capacitors

Choose Contactor for motor

9. Contactor price and service life


1. What is a contactor (starting word)?

Contactor is the original English name of the device and they have a cute Vietnamese name that is a contactor, they are also known by another name that is a magnetic starter. This type of device is considered a low-voltage electrical appliance, with the great feature of switching off the electrical circuits associated with the device when problems occur if the user uses too much electricity. Contactors seem to be able to replace the switches in your home because they have a huge role in the electrical system through the feature they are bringing to help electricity users feel safe when using this device. Not only that, but they are also a device used in many fields, especially where there is a high working environment such as industry. But often they are used more in the industrial field, thanks to a device like this, users can control other devices such as capacitors or motors of other devices, etc. Contactors are very versatile. The form when having a solid structure is made in many forms such as electromagnetic or aerodynamic mechanism but here they are designed in the electromagnetic form. The contactor is made in the form of a highly modern electromagnetic, with tightly connected components, solid and has good weight to help users use it more conveniently. They have a sensor system so users can remotely control the device to make opening and closing the device easier.

In this part 1, you only know how contactors have their names and working tasks, but still do not know all their uses or structures, the next part will help you better understand about them. How contactor with parts makes this device work so flexibly to help users.

What is a starter word?

2. Structure and use of Contactor

a. Contactor structure

Contactor has up to 4 parts as follows:

The first part is the electromagnet, inside there are other components such as coils that help support the electromagnet to create the magnet’s attraction. There is also a spring-loaded iron core that pushes the cap back automatically back to its original position. The contactor arc extinguishing system is a very important part because they do their job very well through the switching device they will. appear and cause the contacts to burn out or wear out. They extinguish the contacts quickly so that the contactor can be better switched with other connected devices. Although the contactor housings are close to the end, they also play an important role when the user comes into contact with them. The shell is also not afraid of electric shock or causing numbness in the arm when the current passes because the shell is made of an insulating form, so it is very safe for the user. The shell is made of hard plastic, so the device is light in weight and rarely damaged. The system of contacts is equally important when there are two specific contacts that are the main contact and the auxiliary contact.

+ Main contact: Makes it easier for large currents to pass because the main contact is normally closed when providing enough power to the magnetic circuit of the device.

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+ Auxiliary contact: For low current to pass, usually less than 5A. The auxiliary contact provides two main functions, normally open and normally closed, unlike the main contact, which is normally closed only.

Speaking of normally closed contacts, they always stay closed when the magnet coils inside the contactor are resting, but if the magnet coil is active, the contacts open at the same time. normally open contacts. But in general, the main contact is always in the dynamic circuit to keep the role for good current to help the device operate at the correct capacity, while the auxiliary contacts will be in the control circuit for the contactor to operate flexibly and does a good job of opening and closing.

Contactor’s structure

b. Uses of Contactor

The use of contactors is very clear because they are devices used to provide power for other devices to work better, usually devices with large capacity will be provided by them faster and better. In addition, the contactor is also applied to many different large and small projects, especially in factories, factories, workshops or large-scale production facilities that need this device. .

=> Through this part, you know how the contactor is structured, with solid structures when put into use, and not afraid that the connected devices will be affected causing work stagnation. Not only that, you also know the exact uses of the contactor, but that’s still not enough, so if you want to learn about them, you have to learn thoroughly and in the application section you will better understand they are brought into the application for the purpose. what, in civil electricity can use them or not.

Starting from Schneider

3. Working principle of Contactor

When you want to supply power to the device, it is necessary to have a value in the control circuit equal to the rated voltage value of the device to help the two windings perform their duties correctly. Often the coil will be wound at the core that is already fixed and the values ​​in the circuit will be converted into a resource to draw energy from the mobile core to the closed circuit.

Thanks to the parts that are always closely linked, especially the motor interlock that helps the magnetic core to move and the contact system that makes the main contact move, it will close when the device is inactive. active, and when the device is in operation, the auxiliary contacts begin to work and help switch the state from closed to open easily. But the most remarkable thing is that when the user stops supplying power to the device, the contactor will automatically return to the resting state and the contacts will automatically return to their original position.

Working principle of Contactor

4. ClassificationContactor

There are many ways to classify contactors and here you will see how they are classified:

– According to the transmission principle: there are many contactors according to the transmission principle such as pneumatic type, hydraulic type, but electromagnetic contactor is more widely used because it is easier to apply.

– According to the form of current: Contactor is divided into two specific types, one that works in direct current, and the other form used in alternating current.

– By structure: The structure of the contactor is diverse such as different heights used to install under the car or they have a large width to be installed in the train compartments, for example. Also based on the texture, it is easier for users to choose.

– According to rated current: usually contactor will use from 9A to 800A or larger.

– By number of poles: Contactor has many poles from 1 to 4 poles, but most consumers choose the type with 3 poles more.

– According to voltage level: Divided into two main voltages, medium and low voltage, at both these voltages the contactor works well.

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– According to the suction coil voltage: The suction coils inside the device are different depending on the purpose of the user, but choose the type with the appropriate coil voltage.

– By function: Used with capacitors or used in motors, manufacturers release contactors so that they combine with other devices to make electrical systems safer when users use them. . Thanks to the specific function that the user can rely on to put the contactor in the best application.

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=> In this classification, it will help you to know exactly what power the contactor will use with the power source in accordance with the driving principles to make the device perform its task well. Surely this is just a rough talk, but not really clear, in the next part we not only talk about the voltage for the device to use but also know the durability, so please follow me to the next part.

Several types of Contactors

5. Basic parameters of Contactor

There are 6 important parameters of the contactor that you should note to make it easier to buy equipment to use:

The first parameter is the rated current: When the current passes through the contacts to help the contactor work more efficiently. The next parameter is the rated voltage: Tells you exactly what the voltage is. and where is placed to help the contactor work stably. The closing capacity of the contactor clearly indicates the closing values ​​of the device when the current is applied to the contact and then gives a specific value through the bagging of the device. many times. The breaking capacity of the contactor is not much different from the ability to close, but the difference is that they operate based on the value of the breaking current, which is based on that value. that the contactor can switch on and off more easily. Mechanical strength is also an important part of the basic parameters because when the current passes through the contact, it will produce switching values ​​from 5 million to 10 million times in the Switching and disconnecting will give the correct coefficient for the mechanical strength of the device. Finally, this basic parameter also tells you the electrical endurance when having the value of the number of times the rated current is used for the device. But usually the contactor has an electrical endurance based on the number of switching cycles from 200,000 to 1 million times.

Contactor parameters

6. Advantages of using Contactor

The size of the device is small, so it is always good to install in tight locations or spaces. The weight of the device is light, so it is easy to disassemble and install elsewhere. It has parts. The equipment is closely linked, so the equipment performs well. High durability, good service life. Operation with stable capacity. Safe for users with high insulation ability. The device can be adjusted. easy.This contactor has an affordable price.Brought into many applications.Easy to use by users.

7. Application of Contactor (Start from)

Contactors are widely used and extremely popular, especially in industrial or civil electrical systems, they always perform their tasks quickly, so they help users achieve high efficiency in their work. his job.

In large or small industries, the contactor has great features to help control other devices connected to them to work very well and safely when operating. Thanks to the use of electromechanical methods, the device has high stability when working and at the same time makes it easier for the user to repair the device.

As for civil electricity, they still retain their own function and also play an important role in the electrical system to help make houses safer when they are installed with other electrical equipment in the electrical cabinet.

Because of that, no matter how the contactor is used in the working environment, it always works with stable capacity and always brings a sense of safety to the user, so the contactor is brought into the application a lot. especially factories, factories or other constructions.

Contactor’s app

Refer to the price of electrical equipment LS here: Price list of electrical equipment LS

8. Experience choosing Contactor

a. Select Contactor for capacitors

When the capacitor is transient or has a large inverter, the operating frequency is high, the large current flowing into the capacitor makes them easy to damage, so users want the contactor to combine with the capacitor to prevent the above problems. at the same time show everyone the good function from the contactor itself. The contactor device will control the compensating capacitor and switch off the problem current when it passes through the capacitor to help the capacitor operate more flexibly in accordance with the capacity written on the specifications. Usually, the contactor will be installed with the automatic compensating capacitor because it has good components and is made with high technology, so the connection problem between the contactor and the capacitor will be better, but it also helps to control the capacitor easily. through switching capacitor levels in accordance with the load.

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Select Contactor for capacitors

b. Select Contactor for engine

When you want to choose a contactor to install together with motors to accurately switch off the electrical power supply to help the motor and equipment work in the best way. Normally, motors will operate with large capacity, so the current passing will be higher and because of that, it is necessary to send them to the internal contacts of the contactor to filter and then move to such a motor. The new engine can work well but also keep its durability. Not only that, when using a contactor to control the motor, it will help the motor to start directly when the power supply such as electrical energy enters the motor easily. In addition, the contactor is also used for other purposes when it is connected to the thermal relay, so that the user can protect the overload of the current when it is put into the motor.

Thus, to show you how good a contactor is, but choosing the best one also needs to be based on a lot of different factors such as how the device operates with capacity and how is the installation environment. , especially to find the right reputable company to buy the right type of contactor and install it with the motor and capacitor for the best use by users.

Select Contactor for motor

9. Cost and lifespan of Contactor

The price of the contactor is very suitable for the economic conditions of many people because the price ranges from 80,000 VND to several million VND. Manufacturers have carefully considered when setting specific prices on the market to make it easier for users to choose but also to know useful information from the device itself. In fact, each device will have different sizes and operating capacities, inside the device will have components with features to help the device work well with high durability, so it will have different prices, Don’t rush because you see a different price Evaluate them as quality goods because when you buy them at reputable companies, one thing is certain that you will receive genuine equipment with reasonable warranty and repair policies. It will save you repair costs but also get many benefits from buying the right reputable company. Usually, the contactor has a very affordable price, but for an audience like a large business, using a large capacity type will cost from 1 million or more, but also used in small companies using a contactor from 500,000 VND to 1 million is fine, households using a small capacity with a few tens of thousands of dong to a few hundred thousand dong are also very good. The devices all have corresponding prices, so don’t worry too much about this when there are companies that receive preferential policies, so the price will decrease depending on the device you choose, but it’s not the only price worth noting. The longevity of the device is also very important.

Contact us now to get the best price

When it comes to the life of this device, it has a very long life, easy to disassemble and repair, rarely suffers severe damage, but on the contrary, it is very well connected with other electrical equipment, always doing it right. Your task and the life of the contactor is very high, you can use it from 3 to 5 years, but if you want to use the device longer and increase the life of the device, you also need to periodically check it to adjust the device when a problem occurred.

In general, this section tells you the price as well as the life of this device to help you feel a little more secure when buying this device to use, but remember that it is necessary to use it in the most reasonable way. always check more often so that the contactor always does its job properly.

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In short, from the beginning to the end of this article, I have told you how bad the contactor is, the rest depends on your own requirements to buy them to use for your purposes and especially need. Find and buy at a reputable company to receive more suitable warranty policies.