What is CB? What types of CBs are included? How to classify CB? Features of CB? Application of CB in practice? What is the difference between CB-Fuse-Breakers?

What is CB?

CB: (Circuit breaker) or electrical CB is a common name for electrical equipment with switching (switching) function. CB can make and cut current in normal circuit conditions as well as in the event of a fault.

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However, devices such as fuses and circuit breakers have the ability to break circuit protection, so the question is can CBs be identical with fuses and circuit breakers?

What is Aptomat

?In most cases, we can consider Aptomat and CB to have the same definition. For example: MCCB 3P – 100A, we can call it CB 3P – 100A or Ace 3P – 100A.

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Therefore, most CB classifications can be used for Aptomat. Eg:

Aptomat 1 phase, aptomat 2 phase, aptomat 3 phase… Shrimp Aptomat, block aptomat… Aptomat against short circuit, aptomat with overload protection, aptomat against shock…

You can refer to the following useful articles:

Distinguish CB – fuse – circuit breaker

The biggest difference between CB and 2 fuse-breaker devices is the ability to switch and switch many times, there are types of CBs with switching cycles of up to millions of times. (Here I want to talk about emergency switching, and normal switching, circuit breakers can also do it)


As shown in the picture, you can see the red circled part when there is a problem will break off and break the circuit, but then you will have to re-connect the new fuse wire to be able to power again!

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Note: When re-connecting the fuse wire, you need to choose an appropriate size conductor, if you choose too small a wire, it will take many times to change, and if the wire is too large, the device will smoke when there is a problem but wait forever for the fuse to not blow – this is very dangerous! As for the tube-type fuse, when it burns, you just need to replace the other fuse tube – this type is often used for experimental circuits or electrical cabinets to protect the indicator lights…)

For some high-end CB lines such as VCB, ACB, MCCB … you can program these devices and monitor and control them remotely.

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Types of CBs commonly used

MCB 1P Siemens

MCB 2P Siemens

MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker)

MPCB ​​siemens

RCCB Siemens

RCBO Siemens

What is the function of CB

?Switching (switching)Short circuit protectionOvercurrent protectionProtection against leakage currentsOverload protection…

CB has many different features, can have 1 or more features combined in 1 product. That depends on what kind of CB it is! Example: Type RCBO has 2 functions: protection against leakage current and overcurrent protection…

What is the application of CB

?What is the application of CB? Today, the types of CBs from simple to complex types have gradually replaced obsolete switching devices such as circuit breakers and fuses. You will see them not only in civil but CB is widely used in industry. From buildings to infrastructure such as hospitals, schools, data centers, factories, factories…

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Depending on the structure and features of each type of CB above and based on the cost of the model, you can choose for yourself the appropriate protective CB devices!

For example, the same MCB 1P 16A, but the price of the Siemens 1P 16A MCB will be more expensive than the LS 1P 16A MCB. From a relative perspective on user experience: the above Siemens product line will give you a greater sense of security and durability than the LS series, but the price will be proportional to the quality. , the choice is up to you.

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