What is Storyboard? Storyboard is the advertising script sketched into drawings, describing in detail for each scene. Storyboard can be developed in many different directions, hand-drawn, machine-drawn, or white-black or color, etc. A good storyboard will help the director have quality camera angles to produce an effective TVC. tallest.

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The role of Storyboard in advertising film production

?For a professional advertising TVC production company, after having a TVC script, storyboarding and storyboarding is very important. The story board is the floor plan – a map of the scene and the movement of actors and cameras. Through the Story board, helping the producer to well manage the shooting angles, arrange the frames and the shot list will not miss any scenes in the movie, small details such as costumes, characters’ expressions are also controlled. good. Depending on the context, the story board will be changed by the director to suit the actual situation.

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Moreover, Storyboard helps you to work together in a better way, more united. People read the storyboard and can get a preliminary understanding of how the story will unfold, without the need for the script writer to explain it all to one person, to explain it to another.

Storyboard made by Bigsouth

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Coming to Bigsouth Media advertising film company, each TVC product is like a brainchild. Therefore, from script writing, storyboarding to production, we all research and create new ideas, take care of every little detail to bring high efficiency to our customers:

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