When it comes to any project of any organization, all the individuals within that organization (one or more individuals, groups, or organizations) are directly or indirectly affected or involved. to that project are called stakeholders or stakeholders of that project. These stakeholders can come from both inside and outside of the organization.

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Therefore, you will have to know how to manage each of them, even those who do not work directly with you. You will have to learn how to deal with different personalities and make sure they have a complete understanding of the project goals. But first, what is the role of stakeholders?

Stakeholder’s role

Stakeholders can influence or be affected indirectly or directly by the actions, goals, and policies of an environmental business or organization in a positive or negative way. Important stackholders include creditors, directors, employees, governments (and government agencies), owners (shareholders), suppliers, corporations, and the communities in which they operate. enterprise.

Each stakeholder also has different rights, obligations, and degrees of influence. For example, customers of a company have equal rights to conduct transactions, but they are not considered employees of that company.

An example of a negative impact on stakeholders is when a company needs to cut costs and plan for a round of layoffs. This negatively affects the community of workers as well as the economy of the nearby area. Stakeholders also have a positive effect on a shareholder in a business like Microsoft when the company releases a new device that increases profits and protects the environment, for example.

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Distinguish between internal and external stakeholders

In addition to the concept of what a stakeholder is, a stakeholder is also divided into two types: internal and external stakeholders. Insiders are individuals who have an interest in a business through a direct relationship such as employment, ownership, shares, or an investment in that business. In contrast, external stakeholders are individuals who do not have any direct relationship but can influence or be influenced in some way by the business by its actions and business results. that business.

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+ Internal stakeholder:

Conversely, these external stakeholders can sometimes also directly influence a business but are not necessarily directly related to that business. The best example of this is the government – ​​every time the government changes any policy, it will have a small to large impact on the operation of a business.

II. Distinguish the concepts of skateholder

What is stakeholder theory

?Stakeholder theory is a capitalist perspective that emphasizes the interconnected relationship between a business and all its customers, suppliers, employees, and investors. private equity, the community, and others with shares in that business. This theory holds that any business should aim to create value for all its stakeholders, not just its shareholders.

What is a multi-stakeholder

?Multi-stakeholder is a form of framework or structure of an organization based on a multi-stakeholder (multi-stakeholder) governance process or a policy-making process. This model aims to encourage the participation of key stakeholders such as businesses, civil society, government, research institutions, and NGOs to collaborate and participate in dialogue and decision-making. identify, and implement solutions to, common stakeholder problems or goals.

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What is Stakeholder Analysis

?Stakeholder Analysis means that this stakeholder analysis is a process that includes identifying stakeholders before starting a project with the aim of: dividing the stakeholders into groups based on according to their level of involvement, interest, and influence on the project and determine how best these stakeholder groups can work and communicate effectively throughout the project.