What is keyword density and how much article keyword density is enough? If you are interested in this term, then read the following article for more detailed information!

What is keyword density and how much article keyword density is enough? If you are an SEO person, you are probably no stranger to the term we just mentioned. But if you are not an SEO person, you must be doing business or doing marketing for a certain product or service or online business, so you are interested in this term. Read this article for more details!

What is keyword density or article keyword density

?Keywords density or article keyword density?

Keyword density is an English term that literally translates into Vietnamese as keyword density. If that is the case in general, it can be understood in any way. However, this is a term in the marketing industry that refers to the density of words or phrases in an article on the Internet. That word must be the key word that the writer wants to highlight in his article.

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To make it easier to understand, we need to start from the time when the term was born. You probably already know that on the internet we will come across a lot of websites with articles about all sorts of things in the world. However, you won’t be able to find exactly what you need unless you know exactly where it is, on what website. Therefore, people create Search Engine search engines like Google, Bing, etc. You just need to enter the keyword you are interested in in the search box of Search Engine, it will produce results related to the keyword you entered above. network.

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The search engines will measure the relevance of the article to your keywords and suggestions. In the beginning, the more keywords the more relevant, so people often insert keywords indiscriminately to get their website results to the top. However, the search and display algorithms are constantly changed to eliminate such spammy cases of keyword insertion. Now keywords must have a standard density to be able to optimize for search engines.

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How much article keyword density is enough

?How much article keyword density is enough?

So what exactly is that density? The answer is always that no one knows exactly because the company that created the Search Engine they will not publish this parameter in case of navigating the article writers. However, based on the actual experience of SEO experts around the world, the density of that holy keyword can be in the range of 3-5%.

This means that in an article with 1000 words, if you choose the keyword “Snow White” (with 3 words), the number of occurrences of this keyword should be: 10 – 16 times (1000*0.03/3) =10 and 1000*0.05/3=16) for search engine optimization. In practice you will encounter other densities but generally only fluctuate around the standard level we mentioned above.

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There is a lot of information that search engines will continue to reform once again changing their algorithms to help users have the best experience. In the future maybe keyword density will probably no longer be the deciding factor. Instead, there are more factors that evaluate user experience and behavior. If now the top of the search are usually pages with standard keyword density with search engine requirements and some other factors, in the future, many users will see the article for a long time, do more work. Many actions on the page such as viewing other posts, commenting, etc. will be key elements.

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Therefore, when writing articles, you not only need to focus on the keyword density in the article, but also make the article content attractive and satisfy the readers, making the readers stay on the page longer. … Please contact riclix.com for professional advice on Online Marketing!