IBM is one of the large corporations specializing in the field of information technology. Many young people are learning what IBM is and about job opportunities at this leading corporation.

IBM is one of those phrases that many young people still do not understand the meaning of the phrase. This is definitely something that many of you wonder about and learn about IBM content. Besides, many young people are also looking for a job at IBM, is it really a promising career and especially for new IT students with more experience.

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What is IBM?

IBM is one of the world’s largest large-scale information technology companies, providing services, products, and hardware and software that have existed and developed for decades. become a company specializing in providing the largest computer.

Not only that, IBM also shifted its focus from hardware to software and services. By 2010 IBM was once again emphasizing more investments in the cloud and computing sectors.

IBM concept

During recent times, IBM is showing a sign of dominating the software and services market today. Business transformation to technology and modern business majors.

But when it comes to IBM, there is still a special attraction because this is the phrase that gets the most attention and the business situation is also more developed than other organizations in the same field. And IBM has many promising opportunities in many fields, especially IT.

Basic IBM Products

With the continuous development of IBM, the organization now owns a lot of useful products and services. And some IBM software should not be ignored need to know.

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IBM Basic Products

Server Hardware: IBM targets a wide range of solutions for multiple product lines including analytics, cloud, DevOps, Blockchain. IBM introduced its own Linuxone system as a hardware platform. Storage: IBM specializes in offering products including FlashSystem and Storwize systems and others. specializes in providing networking hardware for storing fiber channels and tape products and additionally supporting storage units such as Spectrum and Cleversafe storage technology. Software: IBM software is very diverse, including many services such as IBM SPSS, DB2, IBM Maximo Asset Management and IBM Cognos Analytics. The mobile and space companies software lines that include business email services are IBM Notes and IBM Verse.

Job opportunities at IBM

Along with the development of today’s constantly developing information technology industries, this is the source to be able to confirm that this is the industry that has the ability to develop today. However, not everyone can seize this opportunity.

Attractive job opportunities for young people at IBM

In fact, at present, IBM has many software technology headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City and has specialized in providing all famous technology services for a long time and when entering the Vietnamese market, it also left a mark. major in e-commerce activities and supply chain management, specializing in electronic distribution and management.

With IBM’s global service centers, there are also many opportunities to develop the personal potential of many information technology students. And when you work here, you will have access to many modern technology techniques, improve your expertise and professional qualifications and promote all your abilities with the support and optimal conditions of IBM. in Viet Nam.

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With the immediate opportunities, this is a major that is being directed by a lot of young people because the job opportunities are quite good and stable. worry about work.

Hopefully, the above sharing will definitely help many students have more motivation to follow the profession to learn more about the profession, understand the meaning and concept of what IBM is and the job opportunities that need to be understood when following. profession.