SPC is becoming more and more popular in many different industries. However, it must be mentioned that the industry produces goods and products. So what exactly is SPC? What is the use of SPC? What do people use SPC for? All information about SPC will be shared hereafter.

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Learn the concept of the term SPC

?SPC English name is Statistical process control, also understood in the Vietnamese sense as process control by statistical method. This is a method by collecting, analyzing and presenting data related to the production activities of enterprises.

Another way you can understand that SPC is the use of statistical techniques by businesses to collect, analyze, classify, and process information. The data will be researched and synthesized to give reflections on the performance quality of the organization itself.

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Through the data that businesses collect by SPC. The investor will understand the current situation along with the fluctuations of the entire production process. From there, they will map out new strategies and new directions to help operate the production apparatus better.

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Managers and supervisors must be familiar with quality control tools


The article has shared with readers about what SPC is and all the necessary information related to SPC. This is a necessary and useful tool for business administrators who want to control and promote the company to go up. Please study and study methodically to apply to your own business.

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