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Video editing software is increasingly easy to use and simple interface is a powerful tool for video editors in creating videos that satisfy the visual and viewer experience. Let’s refer to the TOP 4 most popular video making software behind the impressive vlogs, music videos or viral clips you’ve ever seen!


Sony vegas pro is considered the most professional video editing software, providing all the features you need to create movies, TV shows or music videos… with top-notch HD quality.

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Vegas Pro Edit

The software offers 3 versions with different prices and features allowing you to compare and choose the version that suits your needs:

Vegas Pro Edit – this is the standard version that includes full features to help you create your own high-quality videos. The “edit” version is also the choice of most new users because of the cheapest price and suitable for even beginners to make videos.

Vegas Pro – a version with added Blu-ray and DVD Disc Authoring software that helps create standard Blue-ray and DVD discs with subtitles, narrations, etc., and still includes the features of Vegas Pro Edit.a movies. , TV shows or music videos… with top notch HD quality.

VEGAS PRO Suite – this is the most advanced version of Sony Vegas. In addition to the standard features of the “Edit” version, the “Suite” version offers some advanced features such as the Boris FX 3D Objects Unit (used to create and manipulate 3D objects) and the Boris FX Match Move Unit. for motion correction.

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Video editing features: drag, drop, multi-video/audio editing, self-detect audio and video editing.

Smart feature that takes regular HD footage and upscales it to 4K resolution. This helps you use old footage with clips shot with the latest super high-resolution cameras.

Supports more than 300 diverse sound effects (EQ, Reverb, Delay…) and rich images.


Compatible operating systems: Windows XP operating system Vista version or higher.

Price:Vegas Pro Edit: $698

VEGAS PRO Suite: $1,098


This is Apple’s top professional video editing software. Final cut Pro is considered an easy-to-use operation for beginners with full of basic features but on the other hand also provides advanced features for veteran filmmakers. Because of the plus points like A beautiful, intuitive interface, offering great performance, a powerful yet easy-to-use interface, Final Cut is a great choice for solo video creators, from YouTubers to event videographers to professional videographers. independent filmmaking. If you are a follower of Mac and have video editing needs, Final Cut pro will meet almost all your needs.


It lets you preview videos and apply color correction and fix audio problems with built-in tools to remove background noise and optimize audio levels right from the input interface.

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Final Cut Pro contains motion graphics templates, video filters, and video effects that you can use to enhance your storytelling.

The app can export to 720p, 1080p and 4K video formats for Apple devices, to DVD and Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo. 4K is supported for YouTube and Vimeo.

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Creative features automatically snap clips, even composite clips, into place as you move across the timeline, reducing adjustment time each time you have to insert something new, without shifting the layout. the rest of the video.

Compatible OS: Compatible with MacOS users only

Price: 699$


If Adobe Photoshop is indispensable for photographers and graphic designers, Adobe After effects is just as important for motion graphics professionals, animators, and videographers. Adobe After Effects toolkit for creating motion graphics and special effects for games, movies, TV, video, and the web.


– Immersive virtual reality effects – The software allows you to edit virtual reality videos with VR COMP, giving viewers a realistic experience as if they were really living with the character.

– Ability to create standard borders for photos and videos, compress text and blocks. With 3D effects, AE helps you control the depth, shadows, and reflections of objects in your video.

– Compatibility with other Adobe software – After you edit a video from Adobe Premiere, but Adobe’s professional effects will help you edit it a second time. Besides, AE can also be compatible with Adobe Illustration to enhance the quality of your image editing.

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Compatible operating systems: Windows and MacOs


Premiere is one of the popular software Most commonly used even for novice editors. The software helps you to edit, edit and edit videos. For youtubers, vloggers or influencers, this is one of the “hardcore” software when producing products in the form of video clips.

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The software interface is quite easy to use, dividing the working space into separate items such as color correction, cutting, and sound adjustment, making it easy for users to manipulate tasks on Premiere.

Highly customizable, you can customize the display of the toolbars to create your own comfortable workspace. The effects section is equipped with many common effects, the built-in Lumetri Color color correction section makes color correction easier than ever.

In addition, you can completely add presets or color luts to increase the variety of effects as well as filters to adjust colors in your Premiere without any problems.

Allows editing and exporting videos with high resolution up to 4K


For beginners who are just starting to make videos, it can be a bit difficult when the interface will include many features as well as a series of toolbars to process videos more professionally.

riclix.com has introduced details about this top-notch software, you can refer to it!


Hopefully the article has helped you have an overview of the most popular video editing software today. If you want to make your own travel videos or create your first short films, check out riclix.com’s Adobe Premiere basic editing course!