Although it has not been released for a long time, the ultraviewer software has been downloaded and used by many users and received positive feedback. So is it safe to use ultraviewer and how to control it?

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Why should use ultraviewer software

?How to use ultraviewer

What is ultraviewer software

?Ultravewer is the first computer control software released in Vietnam. When this software was first released, it received very positive feedback and changed the community’s view of Vietnam’s software manufacturing industry. Only released a while after teamviewer, but this software has very good quality and can almost replace teamviewer in all different cases.

And in addition to the version for personal computers, ultraviewer also has different versions on the operating systems for phones such as iphone, android to help users use it most conveniently. case.

Comparison between ultraviewer and teamviewer

Founded by Vietnamese programmers, the biggest goal of employers is to give users a simple, easy-to-use software that is completely free. Meanwhile, with products in the same segment, there are quite a lot of complicated features and charge users.

In particular, the strengths of the ultraviewer that the publisher wants to have include:

A tool to help the community. Can help overcome all difficulties, solve problems quickly without worrying about geographical distance. Downloading and using ultraview is like creating more motivation for Vietnamese programmers to continue developing new products to bring Vietnam’s IT industry to an international level.

As for teamviewer software, although this is a software that is used by a lot of people, the publisher has conducted activities to collect usage fees from users. Besides, if you use this software for a long time, the stability will definitely not be high. This makes a lot of users feel uncomfortable.

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Why use ultraviewer software?

It can be said that ultraviewer software is a very convenient tool for users. Besides the advantage of being free, this tool also has different strengths that users should download to experience such as:

High security

This software is designed and operated by programmers with an absolute coding mode. This mode makes sharing video and audio signals easier than ever. This tool will have different support for data security through login based on the computer’s own ID in each connection. This feature helps the software to ensure a limited interaction of the computers without being penetrated by other strange signals.

Fast connection speed

Unlike teamviewer, which has too many users, making the connection signal very slow, ultraviewer is not limited to the number of different IP addresses connecting at the same time. Therefore, you can use it in many different situations such as conferences, teaching, which are very convenient.

Requires simple configuration

The ultraview tool currently does not require too much of the computer’s hardware standards.

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If your computer has pre-installed Windows operating system, it can be used without any problems at all.

Cheap price

This software is considered a very low cost remote computer control tool today. You will have free versions with a lifetime to help maximize the user’s work to the fullest extent. Obviously, this software not only saves us time but also saves a lot of costs for users.

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Is Ultraviewer safe

?Usually, if your computer is being controlled by someone else, you may suspect that your personal information will be exposed. However, when remote control with ultraview, you do not have to worry too much. All operations of the operator when using this software will be observed on the screen. And if you want to regain control of the machine for yourself, you just need to move the mouse again and all the actions of the opponent’s machine will no longer be valid.

Instructions on how to use ultraviewer

Ultraviewer Installation Instructions

To be able to use ultraviewer software, you must first know how to download and install the program. To install the program, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the ultraviewer software installer from the website

Step 2: When opening the installer, click next to let the program start installing the software

Click next to start the software installation

Step 3: After the system boots, choose the path to the folder as shown in image and then click “Next”.

Select the path to the folder as shown in the image and then click next.

Step 4: Continue to click “Next” until the screen shows the message “Ready to install“. At this point, click “Install” so that the system automatically installs the software on the computer.

Click install to automatically install the system

Step 5: You wait for about 3 minutes for the system to automatically install. Then click “Finish” to finish installing the software on your computer.

Instructions to control remote computers with ultraviewer

And after completing the installation process. The main interface screen of the software will appear as shown in the figure:

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Ultra viewer interface

At this point, you just need to apply the following instructions for using ultraviewer to be able to control the partner computer:

Step 1: In the interface of the software, there are 2 items:

Allow control including: ID, password of the computer you are using Control other computers: You need to ask the other party to send you ID and password

Ask the other party to send ID and password

Step 2: After you have the ID and password, click the start button to control so that the two computers can connect to each other. At this point, you will be able to control all operations of the opponent’s computer as if you were sitting in front of your computer. And partners will also track your entire working activities.

Start connecting 2 computers

Above are the detailed instructions of Newstimviec about what ultraviewer software is as well as how to use it basically. Thanks to this tool, everything related to information technology that you need support will become simpler than ever.