Mesotherapy injections and HA injections are the fastest and safest methods to help you own a dream skin. So what is Mesotherapy injection? What is HA injection? Which is better to choose? All the answers are in the article below.

What is Mesotherapy injection and HA injection


What is Mesotherapy injection

?Mesotherapy injection is a non-surgical cosmetic method that helps to overcome cellulite, reduce wrinkles. In addition, mesotherapy injection also helps to regenerate the skin and helps the skin to be firm and shiny; smooth and even skin tone.

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As you age, the amount of collagen and elastin will gradually decrease, causing the skin to gradually lose elasticity, become less firm, appear wrinkles and sag. With mesotherapy, the skin will be provided with amino acids, vitamins and minerals to the areas of skin that need treatment to fight aging and tighten the skin.

Mesotherapy injections are an option when medicated skin rejuvenation methods or natural beauty remedies aren’t working. In addition to injections alone, mesotherapy can be combined with other treatments to bring out the perfect beauty of the skin and body.

What is HA injection?

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HA injection (Hyaluronic Acid injection) is also known as endogenous nutrient injection. This is a method of skin beautification, skin rejuvenation by direct injection of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) deep into the dermis.

Depending on the specific skin problem, the doctor will add other ingredients such as vitamin C for acne-prone skin or retinol for aging skin with more wrinkles. The older you are, the more HA in your body is lost. a lot, the skin begins to age, dry, less elastic and begins to appear tiny wrinkles. Therefore, HA injection can help to quickly overcome these skin problems without invasive surgery, without taking too much time to recover.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Mesotherapy and HA . injections

Mesotherapy injections

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical invasive treatment method that requires no downtime, no scarring, and no complications. In the method of mesotherapy, many different active ingredients will be used such as vitamins, antioxidants injected directly into the dermis to help rejuvenate and regenerate new vitality for the skin, giving the skin a glossy, smooth appearance. Visibly smooth after just one injection

Skin tightening Mesotherapy injection is a relatively safe procedure, performed without anesthesia. However, the injection of a mixture of substances in mesotherapy is prone to side effects due to interactions between the different ingredients. Moreover, the mixing of HA with vitamins and minerals needs to be diluted, otherwise the injection sites will see nodules on the skin.

HA injections

HA injection to tighten the skin is to use small HA molecules, injected into the dermis, to increase moisture, improve skin texture, support anti-aging, help skin elasticity, more glossy and improve small wrinkles. .

After the HA injection is completed, you can move your face normally. This procedure is also non-invasive, with no side effects, and no complications. In fact, there are very few reports of allergic reactions to hyaluronic acid.

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Although very safe, but immediately after injecting HA, the injected skin may be red, swollen, painful, and mildly bruised, but after only 1-2 days, it will disappear. If cared for carefully and properly, the skin will recover quite quickly.

Who should get Mesotherapy

?Mesotherapy injection is suitable for adults aged 18 to 75 years old and in good health who want to improve skin problems such as sagging, wrinkles, lack of vitality, old.

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However, Mesotherapy should not be performed in the following cases: pregnant or lactating women, people with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus and a history of cardiovascular disease.

Who should inject HA for skin tightening

?Almost everyone can inject HA because Hyaluronic Acid is chemically similar to the composition of the human body, allergic cases are very rare. Cases that should be injected with HA to improve skin include:

– Dry skin lacks water, used moisturizer but did not improve much. – Skin begins to age, reduce elasticity

– Want to nourish the skin to be shiny, smooth. – Oily skin. – Sensitive skin prone to acne. Particularly for those with acne, swelling and inflammation, HA should not be injected because it can break acne, spread acne, and easily infect.

So should choose Mesotherapy or HA injection

?Both Mesotherapy and HA Mesotherapy injections are non-surgical beauty methods that help to bring about a shiny, smooth and more elastic skin. In particular, both of these beauty tricks are relatively safe and effective for most people.

If you have skin with signs of aging, reduced elasticity, roughness, you can choose Mesotherapy injections. In case the skin is lack of moisture, does not have a glossy stretch, is prone to dryness, and wants to supplement HA to fight aging, you can choose HA injection.

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However, whether you choose to inject Mesotherapy or inject HA, the most important thing is to choose a reputable beauty facility to be examined, examined and consulted. Consult a course of treatment tailored to the needs and condition of your skin.

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At Happy Skin Medical Spa, you will be examined by a doctor, choosing the right method to most effectively solve your skin problems. Moreover, a professional doctor with high technical skills, using good quality products will help to quickly improve skin problems, make the skin change markedly after each injection without causing any problems at all. What complications?