A noun is a word used to name a person, thing, event, condition, or emotion. Viewing: What are Plural nouns

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II.Noun classification:

Based on many different criteria, nouns in English can be classified into many types:

+ Concrete and abstract nouns + Countable and uncountable nouns

Concrete nouns and abstract nouns

Concrete nouns: divided into two main types: Common nouns: are nouns used as a common name for a type.

Example: Man (Man) Wall (Wall) Table

Proper Nouns: A proper name for a person or place.

Example: Peter – Jack – English (England)

2. Abstract nouns:

Example: Happiness – Beauty – Health

Countable and uncountable nouns :

(Countable nouns and uncountable nouns):

Countable nouns are nouns that refer to individual things, people, ideas,,,, and individual that can be counted:

Example: Boy (child) – Book (book) – Apple (Apple)

Countable nouns have two forms:

Singular nouns: These are nouns that indicate the quantity is one. Usually there is a/an in front.

Example: a picture – an eraser

Plural Nouns: These are nouns that indicate quantities of two or more.

Example: two pictures – five erasers

2.Uncountable nouns are nouns that refer to substances, liquids, abstract concepts, and things that we consider an inseparable unit.

Example: Cream (Cream) — Water (Water)

Most of the uncountable nouns are in the singular form, there is no plural form. We can use some, any, much, a little before uncountable nouns but without numbers and the article a/an.

Example: Some rice – Some money

Singular nouns and plural nouns : (Singular Nouns and plural nouns)

Countable nouns usually have two forms: singular (singular) and plural (plural).

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Example: The girl is singing

The girls are singing

How to form plural nouns:

Most plural nouns are formed by adding -s to the singular noun.

Example: Boys (Boys) – Houses (Houses)

Letters, numerals, signs and other words that are not nouns but are used as nouns are usually added ‘s’

Example: There are two 9’s in 99 (Out of 99 there are two 9) Dot your i’s letter C)

Nouns ending in s, sh, ch, x, z are made plural by adding es

dish (Church) ——————–> dishes Church ——————–> churches Box —————— –> boxes Bus ——————–> Buses Quiz ——————–> quizzes

Nouns ending in the consonant +y (Consonant + y) are made plural by changing y to i and adding es.

Example: Baby ——————–> babies Party ——————–> Parties Fly ———— ——–> Flies Nouns ending in a vowel +y (vowel +y) add only -s Example: Day (Day) ——————–> days ) Key———————> Keys Play ———————> Plays Ending Property nouns with -y, just add -s Example: Do you know the Kennedys. (Do you know the Kennedy family?) I hate Februarys. (I hate February)

Some nouns ending in f or fe: calf, half, knife, leaf, life, loaf, self, sheaf, chef, thief, wife, wolf are made plural by changing f or fe to -ves

Example: Knife (knife ) ——————–> Knives ( Knives ) Calf ( Calves ) ——————–– Calves ( Calves ) Thief ( Thief) ——— ———–> Thieves Wife (Wife) ——————–– Wives

Other nouns ending in -f or -fe add s in the usual way

Some nouns ending in a consonant +o (consonant +o) are made plural by adding -es.

Example: tomato ———————> tomatoes hero (hero) ——————–> heroes potato —————–> Potatoes

Nouns ending in a vowel +o, foreign loan words or abbreviated words, just add -s

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Example: Radios ——————–> Radios Piano ———————> pianos Zoo ———————> zoos Photo ) ——————––>photos. See also: What is Information Technology in English, Information Technology In English Some nouns ending in o can have two plural forms Example: Volcano (Volcano) ———————–> volcanos, volcanoes Tornado (Storm) ——————–> Tornadoes, tornadoes Mango (Mango) ——————–> Mangos, mangoes.

Irregular plural (Irregular plurals)

Some nouns change in the plural:

Example: Man ———————> Men Woman ———————> Women Tooth ——————–> teeth foot — —————–> Feet Child ——————–>children

Some nouns cannot be changed in the plural

Sheep (Sheep) Deer (Deer Fish) Aircraft (Aircraft) Craft (Ship, Boat) Grouse (White Partridge)

Some nouns have only a plural form (Always used with plural verbs) Clothing has two parts: Pants (Pants), pajamas (Pajamas), trousers (Pants) Two-part tool or equipment : scissors (scissors), glasses (glasses) Some other nouns: arms (weapons), earnings (earned money)

Some nouns of Greek or Latin origin often have a special plural form according to Greek and Latin law.

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Example: Formula ——————–> formulae, formulas alumna ——————–> alumnae vertebra (backbone)——————–– vertebrae focus points) ——————–> foci

Some nouns have two plural forms with two different meanings

Example: Brother —–> brothers —-> brotheren cloth —–> cloths —–> clothes

Plural of compound nouns In the form of compound nouns: Noun + noun (Noun + Noun), the first noun is usually singular and the second noun is changed to plural.

Example: Toothbrush —–> toothbrushes boy-friend —–> boy-friends ticket collector —–> ticket collectors

In the form of compound nouns: noun + adverb (Noun + adverb) noun + preposition + noun (Noun + preposition + noun), noun + adjective, the plural form is formed with nouns firstly.

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Example: Passer – by —–> passers – by looker -on —–> lookers – on

Practice on nouns in English

Choose the correct answer to complete the sentence : The cat is sitting on my bed/beds There are five pencils/pencils on my desk I have two sister/sisters/ They are riding their bike/bikes We have a dog/dogs How many book /books do you have in your bag? My mother has a new computer/computers There are three windows/windows in the room Susanhas four poster/posters There is one pen/pens on the floor. Underline the nouns in the sentence and write U if i is uncountable noun and C if it is countable noun: The children are playing in the garden I Don’t like milk I prefer tea My mother uses butter to prepare cakes There are a lot of windows in our classroom We need some glue to fix this vase The bread my mother prepares is delicious I bought three bottles of mineral water for our picnic. I’d like some jujce please Complete the sentence with singular or plural form of the noun in brackets: There are 10 (apples) ………… on the tables My sister work six (Hours) ………… …………… every day THE shepherd has to look after fifteen (sheep) ………… I love to eat an (egg) ………… in the morning There are a lot of (students) ………… in my class This is my (teachers) ………… My family has three (fish) ………… and a turtle In Spring we can see lots of (flowers) ………… My father often drink a (cup) ………… of coffee in the morning