Have you heard of a Single page website? Recently Single page application is an emerging name in the web development trend. Although this concept has been around for more than a decade. Also many websites have applied this technique. Using Single-page Application (SPA) will be very efficient and save on bandwidth, as well as for a better user experience. So what is a SPA? Why is it trending? We invite you to find out through the following article.

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1. What is Single-page Application (SPA)?


Single page Application is a web application that enhances user experience by using HTML5 and AJAX. First when loading any web page, SPA will load a single HTML page, then based on user request, SPA will continue to load other HTML in the same page, SPA can use several libraries JavaScript like AngularJS, Backbone.js, Durandal…

To put it simply, the entire web resource including CSS, Javascript, master layout or web page structure files will be loaded for the first time when we start browsing a certain website A. When switching to another page, the client will send ajax requests to get the necessary data (usually the body). This provides a better experience for web users, reduces the time it takes to reload the entire cumbersome web page, and saves bandwidth and waiting time. This is in stark contrast to the traditional website where the entire web page has to reload every time the page turns.

For a better understanding, please see the illustration below of single page application

The blue area is considered the frame or master page of a website, the red area is the content of the web page that will be displayed and replaced every time the page is turned.

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Some SPA application websites such as: Gmail, Google Maps, Facebook or GitHub, http://enod.fr/, http://appleplugs.com/…

2. What’s the difference between a Single-page Application and a traditional website?

Multiple-page applications

works the traditional way, when a user requests a web page, the server computes and returns that web page to the user the entire web page as html code. . There is hardly any association between 2 requests that are close to each other. Therefore, when there are many requests, it will make the calculation process take longer, because the system has to calculate many components before returning a complete web page.

So how can I know if the Web is using SPA? The simplest way is to try using the page load function.

Multiple-page applications

The first time you visit the website “https://ngoisao.net/” all the data of the website will be displayed. Then, you choose to open any article, and notice the loading icon on the favicon, the website will reload all the content according to your request, which makes the performance of the website quite slow.

Single page application

An easy-to-understand example is the Facebook page. If you are surfing the News feed, try reloading. All that’s changed is just the latest updated message board. Similar to the Google page, when you enter what you want to search, all the changes are just the results that are output, only the Google frame above still remains. stand still even if you turn to page 2, 3 and so on…

3. Is single-page better for SEO?

Does a single page give you the edge to rank high on Google? Here are the advantages and disadvantages of a one-page website and the advantages of a simple site design.

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Single page usually gives better mobile experience

With SPA, it is much easier to design a mobile version for ns and users to move more easily on that site.

Furthermore, a single page will make the web load faster, making it a great advantage when catering to impatient users. Many users find it difficult to perform clicks on devices with small screens, like mobile phones, and Single page in this case would be more suitable for them.

Single page makes it easier to target a specific audience

With Single page, all information a user can find is located on a single page. For SEO, this is a good practice, because it only targets one or a set of keywords.

However, users will have to scroll the entire site to find what they are looking for, so they may leave your site if the content at the top isn’t valuable enough. Make sure that everything you put on the site has a purpose and that you think carefully before placing them there.

Single page will give you more credibility

Links are one of the big factors that determine how a website will rank. This is the advantage of having only one page because every link points to your homepage.

Content of single page site is not very detailed

One of the disadvantages of the site A page that is content will not be able to be as specific and detailed as a site with many pages. For example, the Facebook page, on your New Feeds can only display the limited content of an article, and like facebook does not support you in creating a format for a long article, with bullets, headings … For purposes FB’s main website is a social networking site for personal sharing only. Filling the content of Multiple pages on Single page is not possible. What you can do is break down the sections of the content. Each of these items will correspond to a separate page if you make a site with multiple pages.

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With a single page site you won’t be able to use advanced SEO techniques

There are advanced SEO techniques that you certainly cannot use on a single page. One of those techniques is the technique of structuring the website into Categories and Sub-Category to display the best content to users and help your site be divided according to the credibility. This technique is called siloing. Surely with single page, you will not be able to apply this siloing technique. This is also considered a disadvantage of single page website.

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In fact, a single page website will not be as good as many pages when you do SEO. But often people who make sites using SPA often don’t focus much on SEO. When deciding whether you should make a single-page or multi-page site, you should think about the business purpose of the customer, the type of business they want to drive. next. Then see who your target is and find the best solution for them.