All you need is a smart device with an internet connection to enjoy loads of content from Netflix easily. More importantly, in the context of many 4K TVs being born and becoming popular with every family, Netflix is ​​an indispensable choice. The fact that Netflix supports 4K video playback has become a very prominent advantage and is worth expecting from consumers.

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What is Netflix?

Netflix is ​​one of America’s most popular online movie streaming services in the world. Netflix’s content is extensive, including award-winning movies, documentaries, and TV shows played on thousands of Internet-connected devices. In some developed countries Netflix is ​​very popular, Netflix is ​​a must-have standard in every home, an indispensable part of entertainment.

After setting foot in Vietnam, Netflix officially raised the country’s online movie viewing market to a new level. Similar to some applications such as FPT Play, HDViet, … in our country, but Netflix provides a huge copyrighted movie video store with higher quality with higher quality and especially this application can be used on smart devices. smart phones (smartphones), smart TVs, tablets, computers, etc.

Vietnamese Netflix watch hot movies

How to get back your Netflix username or password

?If you can’t log in to Netflix because you forgot, you can reset your password by receiving an email with instructions to reset your netflix password or receive text messages if your phone number has been added to your Netflix account.

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You may have to provide additional information online to recover your account, and if you have forgotten your email address, you can use your registered phone number to retrieve it. The steps to reset netflix password via email are as follows:

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Step 2: Select the password reset section by Email.Step 3: Enter the email address that you initially registered and then select Email me.

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Finally go to the mail to follow the steps in it. Usually, within a few minutes an email with a link to automatically sign in to Netflix will be sent to you. You just need to enter the steps such as a new password to confirm.

How does Netflix charge