English is considered the official language of more than 50 countries around the world and is increasingly popular, so being good at English will give you a great advantage in terms of work in the integration trend. Choosing an English major is an important first step to a successful future.

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1. Learn the English Language Industry

English Language Studies (English is English Studies) is a major that specializes in the study and use of English so that students can master and communicate in English fluently. The English language offers many opportunities for young people who want to work in an integrated economic environment with foreign businesses.

The English language offers many opportunities for young people who want to work in an integrated economic environment with foreign businesses. The English language training program provides students with additional knowledge about the economy. , banking and finance, import-export, international relations; general and in-depth knowledge of language, culture and literature, country – people not only of the country that produces English but also of the whole country. English-speaking countries. Students studying this major are also equipped with knowledge of communication skills, presentation skills, analytical and problem-solving skills, helping them work effectively in their professional fields of using English. English. The English language major trains learning methods in English including 04 skills: listening – speaking – reading – writing fluently and researching about people, culture and literature of historical countries. use English in the world. With fluent English ability and solid knowledge of the cultures of English-speaking countries, students This industry can work as translators – interpreters in newsrooms, media agencies, publishing houses, secretaries, assistants… If you have pedagogical skills, you can work as an English teacher at schools. universities, colleges, professional intermediate schools, high schools or foreign language centers…

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2. Majors in English Language majors

English Language majors usually have the following majors:

Business English: By studying this major, students are trained in intensive English knowledge in economic fields such as commerce and business. In addition, students are also trained in skills such as communication and communication skills, presentation skills, cooperation capacity, management, persuasion, negotiation…

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English translation – interpretation: This major trains knowledge of the English language such as style, vocabulary, grammar, knowledge of culture and civilization in countries using the English language. In addition to professional knowledge, you will also be trained in skills such as translation and interpretation, translation tips, specific grammar, and basic terms in specialized fields to express information accurately. and details with the original language. English Pedagogical: When studying this major, besides knowledge of English such as vocabulary and grammar for teaching needs, students are also equipped with knowledge about education. Education, teaching psychology in high schools, colleges and universities.

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3. English language training program

To know if it is difficult to study English, please refer to the framework of the training program and specialized subjects in the table below.