The Manor Central Park commercial townhouse is inspired by the busy business streets of the old Hanoi people to create a new business environment that is more ideal for a modern and classy residential community. This place will converge the golden values, the quintessence of Hanoi past and present.


Just like the 36 old streets of Hanoi, but the Shophouse apartment under the tree-lined streets at The Manor Central Park will be the focal point of life in this model urban area. The merger between the business area and the family’s living space will bring the breath of Hanoi’s old quarters but reduce the usual clutter of 36 streets where a business community is created. class, high-class and busy shopping streets, the second destination of Hanoi after Hang Ngang, Hang Dao…

Perspective of the commercial townhouse The Manor Central Park.

The Manor Central Park commercial townhouse planning

Out of about 1000 low-rise houses of the entire project, there are 722 commercial townhouses The Manor Central Park are designed very smartly. Not only is a perfect living space, but Shophouse is also combined with investment and business extremely effectively. With the scale of The Manor Central Park project, the high-rise areas mixed with low-rise will create favorable conditions for both business people and residents living in the project. This is a special factor that has created a part of the value of commercial townhouses at The Manor Central Park.

The Manor Central Park commercial townhouses are planned with business spaces according to themes and categories. Wide sidewalks and wide roadways are great advantages for business here, this place promises to be arranged for street activities during weekends or festivals, creating a special attraction for the whole area. urban areas for Hanoi residents as well as tourists everywhere.

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The Manor Central Park commercial townhouse is divided into three different levels (platinum, gold and silver) that can be flexibly adjusted according to customer requirements, allowing owners to live in their own house. own, just rented out as a shop, or rented a part of the house to other households, without the owner feeling bothered by the door from the rear garden and private stairs.

The Manor Platinum Commercial Townhouse

Area of ​​4 floors + mezzanine: 448.18m2

Typical floor plan Shophouse Platinum The Manor.

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The Golden Manor commercial townhouse

Area of ​​4 floors + mezzanine: 410.44m2

Typical floor plan Shophouse Gold The Manor.

The Silver Manor commercial townhouse

Area of ​​5 floors + mezzanine: 285.44m2

Typical floor plan Shophouse Silver The Manor.

Flexible design

The Manor Central Park is not only an urban area built from golden values ​​thanks to its prime location, modern transport infrastructure, and regional infrastructure, but also from unique design ideas to The goal is to increase the value of real estate in the long term.

The Manor Central Park commercial townhouses have an area of ​​​​75m2 or more, built on 5 floors, carefully designed to meet many different uses, without wasting a single m2 of construction. . Diverse area, smart design, stable business make commercial townhouses a type of real estate suitable for the needs and budgets of many customers.

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In addition to a selection of unique commercial apartments, The Manor Central Park also offers customers a type of townhouse adjacent to The Manor in a style close to the daily life of Hanoians, which is favored by many families. . Besides, the type of detached villas and duplex villas also meet the needs of more diverse customers.

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