“Every day I have to tell myself that I need to learn something more. I always tell myself that the things I don’t know I just haven’t learned, if I learn, I will definitely know.”

Ngo Bao Chau, a professor who solved the basic Bodhi

There is something magical about the word “study”.

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For some people, studying means: swimming in an anaesthetist, grappling with a stress test, holding a certificate at the expense of youth and a fortune. For some, learning means: a life-changing opportunity, a valuable experience, the key to success, the pure joy of discovering something new…

I drifted between two worlds. From mornings burying my head in my pillow, refusing to go to school, to nights when I was full of lights on, infatuated with learning something new, my attitude towards learning gradually changed over the years. The older I get, the more I enjoy learning.

Self-study is learning what

?First and foremost, the big question: Self-study is learning what?

I define “learning” very broadly. Anything you want to improve on can be turned into a learn-to-learn, practise-and-be-good subject.

Want to deadlift 100kg weights? Study.Want to have a dream lover? StudyWant to play piano or melodious guitar? Study.Want to make more money? Study.Want to travel around the world? Learn.

This realization changed my perspective on life 180 degrees. When the world doesn’t give me what I want, instead of blaming it on a birth curse (no one in my family is good at art) or envying someone’s family privilege (it was born with a silver spoon in her mouth) Otherwise, I decided to study to improve my situation.

When I said I would learn, I didn’t know the best teacher was… me. I created a self-study program called Personal University. It includes physical training, nurturing relationships, cultivating skills, upgrading career, designing life… Every day growing by 1%. After 6 months my life changed. After 5 years I became a more complete version of myself.

Self-study changed my life. And maybe self-study will also change your life.

Here are 7 reasons you should study on your own (even if you hate studying).

1. You Know How to Become Good at Quick Skills

You don’t need anyone’s permission to learn anything you want.

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Whether you want to learn how to lose 5kg of fat and tone your body, speak a new language in 8 hours, or play a musical instrument melodiously… Through matching-points from various subjects, you will become a self-taught master. Yes, you’ll know the method to master them with a few principles per page and a few days of practice. The true “lesson” of Personal College is this: you don’t need anyone’s permission to learn anything you want.

PTCN’s Kit, Tools, and Products is the best place to start.

2. Life Becomes HD

A learning-active attitude will upgrade your life from black and white to a million colors.

Are you really living? Learning is the starting point to opportunities and experiences that wouldn’t be found if you weren’t committed to learning.

Learning to master all aspects of your life is the greatest experience of your life. You will find yourself smaller, more humble, and at the same time greater than at any other time in your life’s history. You will no longer feel scared because you don’t know what to do or bored with life because you have nothing to do.

The perception you build as you study affects everything else in your life. Every thing you learn – whether cooking, photography, martial arts, will add layers of richness to your life. A learning-active attitude will upgrade your life from black and white to a million colors. Life becomes HD-standard-stretch-unmasked.

3. You Become The Best Version of Yourself

Learn to become your new superpower to save the world, both the world inside and the world outside.

Learning to guide your body when moving and moving, telling your mind to think and solve, guide your heart when it goes astray, I give your soul a second chance. But most of all, learn to change the senses. And your new self will begin to know the world in a different way.

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If you adopt the spirit of self-study, you will never be afraid of something new, everything you are not good at is because you have not learned, not because of “innate”. From there if you learn anything, you will be twice as efficient, because you already understand the principle of maximum efficiency in the least amount of time. Learn to become your new superpower to save the world, both the world inside and the world outside.

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4. Self-study without spending much money and time

Economical and practical self-study.

Economical and practical self-study. You don’t have to spend a fortune or 10,000 hours to reap the rewards. Self-study is more flexible than a school curriculum. Self-study empowers you to learn anytime, anywhere, discuss with anyone without forcing you to fear expensive tuition or brainstorming knowledge.

All you need is to read the best documentation, equip the best tools, and shake hands act. With the right approach, all else being equal, you can run faster, get more done, and live happier lives than your identical twin….

5. Self-study No Degree Required For Real Results

If you say “I want to learn without being tied down by money or qualifications”…

The school does not monopolize your education. You can teach yourself what you need to know to be successful and happy. Self-study will show you how to grow your knowledge and skills sustainably in many fields with very little private time and very low cost, without having to set foot in formal school.

Education is the process of learning useful things – knowledge and skills that will improve your life in some way. A degree is the process of completing a list of qualifications in exchange for a social signal – a degree, certificate, or badge to prove you’ve played by the rules. Education is what goes on in your head, not in the classroom. In school you may owe certificates. In life you owe only the education itself. School lasts several years. The school of life lasts a lifetime.

If you say “I want to learn without being tied down by money or degrees”, the Personal University approach is 9999 gold.

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6. Self-study Is The Only Option In The Future

Self-study becomes a decisive skill in a modern education.

In the future the illiterate is not the illiterate but the one who does not know how to learn. The future has come. Knowledge has been released from the ivory towers. The wave of Massively Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) is on the horizon, books for sale on Amazon.com, specialist online courses with international experts opening up equal opportunities for anyone who wants to. learn and learn.

Self-study becomes a decisive skill in a modern education. The million-dollar question today is: what do you want to learn and how will you learn?

7. Learning is Fun

In the report “Learning: the treasure inside each person”, the UNESCO Education Committee has an answer to the question “Learning for what?”. The short answer is learning to know, learning to do, learning to be, and learning to live together. Learning brings the smooth pleasure of being acutely aware of your surroundings, mastering a skill, finding yourself, and cultivating a curiosity about the world that has so much to offer.

Life is for enjoyment, and it’s important that you feel good about yourself. Learning is the key that opens the door to self-improvement to a better life. Imagine what it would be like if you had a sexy body, loving relationships, a bright mind, a successful career, a rich experience…La vita è bella!

Why do you study

?Life is to learn. There is no other choice. You are either growing or dying.

For 5 years, I repeated the above sentence like a mantra. The Personal University self-study program has helped me gain the skills to overcome challenges and enjoy life.

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I love to learn, I don’t stop learning, and I will study until I die. I believe: the more skills, the more skills, the more I am a person for the right HUMAN standard.