056 is one of the favorite numbers of many special customers on the market today. However, not everyone knows all the necessary information about this number.

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Let’s find out with Sim Vietnam Number what 056 is and the outstanding meaning of this number through the following article.

Currently, there are many questions that 056 is network? This is also a common problem of many customers who want to use this number. 056 is the new number of Vietnamobile operator.

According to the new regulations of the Ministry of Information and Communications, from September 2018 all 11-digit numbers will be changed to 10 numbers. Therefore, 0186 of Vietnamobile operator is changed to 056. Vietnamobile operator is supplying to the market including:

Sim number 0560; Sim number 0561; Sim number 0562; Sim number 0563; Sim number 0564; Sim number 0565; Sim number 0566; Sim number 0567; Sim number 0568; Sim number 0569.

Vietnamobile operator is always in the top 4 largest telecommunications service providers in Vietnam with quality service and modern infrastructure. Vietnamobile’s store system is spread all over the country to ensure the best customer care service. Vietnamobile’s calling and texting service rates are as follows: Calling and texting service rates of Vietnamobile operator are regulated as follows: The call charges for on-net and off-net calls of Vietnamobile are 1,500 VND/minute. Only for the Mekong sim line, the on-net calling fee is 200 VND/minute and 2000 VND/minute. The message fee of Vietnamobile operator is as follows: Sim Thach Sanh

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The infrastructure system is synchronous, always being periodically upgraded; The coverage density is wide throughout the country; The quality of network services is stable.

The Vietnamobile brand is still unknown to many customers because of its shorter operating time compared to the three major carriers.

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2.Meaning of prefix 056

Number 0: The starting number represents the determined will on the road to establish a business in the future; Number 5: This is the number symbolizing luck and success on the path of fortune of the owner; Number 6: The pronunciation of the number 6 in Chinese is Luc read wrongly, which represents the fortune of the owner.

Therefore, when combining these numbers, there will be the beginning of the number 056 representing luck, fertility represents fertility. This is the number that brings luck to your family and yourself.

You just need to go to Vietnamobile’s authorized stores or agents to choose the appropriate subscriber number. Some major stores of this network operator in the city area. Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi include:

In Hanoi, Vietnamobile Thanh Xuan Store: 385 Truong Chinh, Khuong Trung Ward; Vietnamobile Long Bien Store: 52 Sai Dong, Long Bien District; Vietnamobile Hoang Mai Store: 750 Truong Dinh, Hoang Mai District. In TP. Ho Chi Minh City Vietnamobile Store District 2: 321 Nguyen Duy Trinh, Binh Trung Tay Ward; Vietnamobile Store District 3: 47 Nguyen Phuc Nguyen, Ward 10; Vietnamobile Store District 4: 420 Ton Dan, Ward 4.

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Buy a beautiful 056 sim card

Sim Number Vietnam is one of the addresses that specializes in providing beautiful 056 sim cards that are highly appreciated for their prestige and quality. Here, you can find a lot of diverse subscriber numbers in accordance with destiny and feng shui.

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Customers only need to access the website of Sim Digital Vietnam at: https://riclix.com/ choose a subscription number and place an order. About 1-2 minutes, our staff will contact you to confirm your order. The digital sim will be delivered to the correct address provided by the customer in 1-2 days. Above are the most detailed information on the topic 056 is what network is being paid special attention by many customers. Hopefully, the sharing in this article will help you understand the meaning of the number 056 and choose a reputable and quality shopping address.