The Buddha considered this world to be the world of suffering, and taught methods of antidote to it. So, what makes this world full of suffering? The first reason, as the Buddha taught, is that all dharmas are selfless, meaning that all things – sentient or inanimate – all lack what we might call a self or entity. We try to survey people. A man cannot regard his nucleus or soul as a real self. He exists, but his being cannot be grasped, his nucleus cannot be found, because human existence is nothing but that “being subject to a series of conditions”. Everything exists because of cause and effect, and it will dissolve when the effects of that series of causes and conditions cease.

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The waves on the water do exist, but can each wave be called a self? Waves only exist when the wind moves. Each wave has its own character according to the combination of conditions, the strength of the wind and the movements and direction of the wind… But when the effects of those conditions cease, the wave ceases to exist. again. In the same way, it is impossible for a self to be separate from causes and conditions.

When man is still an existence dependent on a series of conditions, it is absurd to try to hold on to himself and see everything around him from the point of view of a single self. Everyone has to give up his ego, try to help others, and realize the communal existence, because it is impossible for man to exist completely independently.

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If everything exists according to the series of conditions, then that existence is just a conditional existence; There is nothing in this universe that can be permanent or isolated. Therefore, the Buddha taught that no-self is the essence of all things and that inevitably leads to another theory that all things are impermanent (anitya).

Most people expend energy into preserving their existence and private possessions. But in reality, it is impossible to find the nucleus for their existence, nor to preserve it forever. There is nothing that is unchanging even for a single moment. Not only is it unstable in relation to space, it is also unstable in relation to time. If we can find a world without space and time, that world is truly the world of true freedom, that is, Nirvana.

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If, as modern physicists confirm, space is kink and time is relative, this world of spacetime is a prison from which we cannot escape – we are already trapped. tied in the circle of cause and effect then.

As long as man has not found a world that is not limited by time and space, man will still have to be a suffering creature.

To assert that one can reach such a state, without being limited in time and space, is the message of Buddhism.

Of course nothing can be considered as infinite space and infinite time. Even today’s physical science does not admit the infinity of space-time. However, the Buddha preached the ideal of Nirvana, according to the principles of impermanence and non-self. Nirvana means destruction of birth and death, destruction of the world of desire, destruction of space-time conditions. After all, Nirvana means the realm of perfect liberation.

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Not-self (no change), impermanence (no permanent) is the actual state of our existence. Nirvana, in the negative sense of destruction, in the positive sense, fullness, is our ideal, it is complete liberation.

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