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seen /si:/ verb saw/saw/, seen/seen/ to see, to see, to see; see, observe, consider seeing is believing: seeing is believing illusion worth seeing: remarkable, read (press page) see the point: i can’t understand that point i don’t see the advantage of doing it: i don’t understand what is the advantage of doing it try hard to understand experience, experience, quahe has seen two regimes: he has lived through two regimes he will never see 50 again: he is over 50 years old to see life seen service: experienced, experienced (person); worn, used many (things) met, visited; to consult (doctor, lawyer…); continuedhe refused to see me: he refused to see me can I see you on business?: can i meet you to discuss business? you had better see a lawyer I cannot see myself submitting such an injustice: I cannot imagine that I would bear such an injustice, accept, admit, willingly we do not see being made use of: we do not accept Let people take advantage of us to see someone home: help someone to go home help to see someone through difficulty: help someone overcome difficulties see good to do something

Watching: What is Seen

: take care to let… investigate, research, consider, carefully (playing cards) expensive, just keep looking, see but let to see somebody struggle with difficulties: see someone struggling with difficulties but keep looking to see after to see after to see into to see into investigation see somebody off at the station see through see, clearly see the nature (things…) done to the end, do to the end help someone overcome (difficulty…) to see the back of somebody look away for free to see double see eyes to eye with somebody (see) eyeto see into a millst one to see through brick wall brilliantly intelligent to see the light lightto see red redto see something done I will be in charge of (guaranteeing) it. I will review the matter seeing that seeing that no other course is open to us…

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: considering that there is no other way for us… noun the bishopric the Holy See; the See of Rome: The Holy See of Bishops; episcopal authority

Irregular verbs (Base form/Past Simple/Past Participle): see / saw / seen


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the seat within a bishop”s diocese where his cathedral is located


perceive by sight or have the power to perceive by sight

You have to be a good observer to see all the details

Can you see the bird in that tree?

He is blind–he cannot see

go to see for professional or business reasons

You should see a lawyer

We had to see a psychiatrist

go to see for a social visit

I went to see my friend Mary the other day

receive as a specified guest

the doctor will see you now

The minister doesn’t see anybody before noon

see and understand, have a good eye

The artist must first learn to see

deliberate or decide

See whether you can come tomorrow

let’s see–which movie should we see tonight?

observe as if with an eye

The camera saw the burglary and recorded it

match or meet

I saw the bet of one of my fellow players

English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

sees|saw|seeing|seensyn.: observe notice note peer watch remark discern