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Born in 1981, what is the destiny, what age is it?

What age are men and women born in 1981

?Before finding out what destiny was born in 1981, we must determine what age they belong to first and which Thien Can and Dia Chi are corresponding to. Because this is the most important factor to the life of any birth year.

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So what age was born in 1981? The calculation formula is very simple. Here are detailed suggestions from Feng Shui Encyclopedia:

Calculation of birth in 1981 of the year of the Rooster

Lunar year of birth = Thien Can + Dia Chi

In there:

Thien Can will take the last number of the year of birth Dia Chi takes the last two numbers of the year and divides by 12, the remainder is the result.

The conventional order of the 10 celestial bodies:

Conventional order of the 10 Heavenly Can

The conventional order table of the 12 Dizhi:

Conventional order of the 12 locations

From the formula for calculating the lunar year of birth and the table of conventions of Thien Can and Chi above, we can easily get the answer to the question of what age was born in 1981 as follows:

Hang Can = 1 – corresponds to Tan Hang Chi: 81:12 = 6, remainder 9 – corresponds to the Rooster.

⇒ 1981 is the New Year of the Rooster

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In the general horoscope:

1981 Tan Dau: There is a Tam Hop relationship with the age of Snake – Ox. In 1981 Tan Dau: Get Tam Hoi with Than – Tuat In 1981 Tan Dau: Get Luc Hop with Dragon In 1981 Tan Dau: Meet Tu Hanh Chung with Rat – Horse – Mao.

What is the fate of men and women born in 1981

?For the life of any birth year is not too difficult, for the question of being born in 1981, there is no exception, here is the formula:

Destiny = Heaven + Earth Chi

Note: If the sum is greater than 5, you just need to subtract 5 to get the final result.

After that, we just need to rely on the following table of conventional values ​​of Thien Can, Dia Chi and par five elements and then insert it into the formula to be successful:

How to calculate people born in 1981 par mc

Thien Can:

Thien Can Quyet Giap – At 1 Binh – Dinh 2 Mau – 3rd Canh Dynasty – Tan 4 Nham – Quarter 5


Conventional Geography Rat – Ox – Horse – Goat 0 Dan – Rabbit – Body – Rooster 1 Thin – Snake – Dog – Pig 2

Five-element command:

Destiny Kim 1 Water 2 Fire 3 Earth 4 Wood 5

⇒ Born in 1981 with the par Moc (Can 4 + Chi 1 = 5).

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What color match? What color is the color that brings money to par wood?

To know the Wood properties of people born in 1981, continue to compare with the convention in the table below:

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In the five feng shui elements:

Tan Dau’s Moc Pomegranate Thach: Compatible with the Moc Destiny Tan Dau’s Moc Pomegranate Thach: Mutual Born with Fire (Moc gives rise to Fire) and Thuy (Aquatic Wood). ) and Kim (Kim et Moc).

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Born in 1981 with the fate of Wood

Some important information related to the New Year of the Rooster 1981

Besides the question of being born in 1981, what age you should be, you should also pay attention to some of the following important issues to better understand yourself.

Numbers suitable for the age of the New Rooster 1981: Males are 1 – 6 – 7, females are 2 – 5 – 8 – 9. The zodiac of the year of the Rooster 1981: Males belong to Kham (Eastern Tu Menh), females belong to Khon (Western) Tu Menh).The direction is compatible with the age of the New Rooster 1981: South meets Southeast (Sinh Qi) – South (Phuc Duc) – East (Thien Y) – North (Fu Vi); Females are compatible with Northeast (Birth) – Northwest (Phuc Duc) – West (Thien Y) – Southwest (Fu Vi). The direction is not suitable for Tan Dau year 1981: South is Northeast (Five Devils) – West (Painting) Hari) – Northwest (Luc Sat) – Southwest (Tuyet Menh); Female is Southeast (Five Devils) – East (Hoa Ha) – South (Luc Sat) – North (Tuet Menh). The age that suits Tan Dau 1981 in business: Male matches Tan Dau, Giap Ty, Dinh Mao, Ky Ty , Quy Hoi. A woman is compatible with Quy Hoi and Ky Ty. Age is compatible with Tan Dau 1981 in marriage: Male is Tan Dau of the same age, Dinh Mao, Ky Ty, Quy Hoi, Giap Ty. Females are Tan Dau, Quy Hoi, and Ky Ty.

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Age of Horse with Tan Dau 1981: Both men and women are incompatible with the age of Tan Mui, Dinh Suu, At Suu, Canh Ngo, Ky Mui and Mau Ngo.

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