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People born in the Year of the Horse in 1966 are usually quite hot-tempered, when angry, they are like fire, but when they are done, they are cold.

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However, fate has quite extensive relationships, so it still has a lot of friends and rarely has to ask anyone for help. This animal has self-respect, temperament and tough bravery. They always have a sense of independence, self-reliance, standing on their own two feet.

In terms of fate, people with the Year of the Horse often have to live far away from their hometown to be good and life in general is full of hardships, ups and downs.

People born in the Year of the Horse have a fortune that their parents save for their wealth, middle and good fortune to enjoy a rich and well-off life. However, they do not get along very well with their parents and siblings, so the closeness in the family is not very salty.

At this age, young people must be long, later rich and rich live a long life. Husband and wife need to reconcile to avoid separation.

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Life in the afterlife is happy, so it is necessary to do many good deeds in order to enjoy the full fate of being in abundance, freely expressing one’s talents.

Men born in the Year of the Horse enjoy peace in the middle of the year, and have good luck at work. There may be a lot of heartache about children. Families need to prevent children from conflicting with each other.

The career has been firmly established, the money problem is regulated starting from the middle period, there will be no more fear of collapse in the future.

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Females born in the year of the Horse will have to go through more ups and downs. But it will get better in the middle and late luck in terms of both love and fortune. The road to fame is not entirely good, it is destined to be more business and trade than to work for hire.

The family religion has a lot of happiness, good fortune and good fortune. Career is completed after the age of 34. Abundant and sustainable money in the post-lucky period. Don’t miss: Character, destiny of people born in the year of the Horse, par Kim, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth

Rainwater falling on all things can not only bring good effects but also destroy things. If in sufficient quantity, it will make the trees lush and the soil fertile.

But heavy rain or constant rain, thunderstorms will cause soil erosion, flooded trees, affecting people’s lives.

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With those characteristics, this person also needs to train himself, cultivate his mind and cultivate his character, in order to become a useful person.

Basically, people destined for Thien Ha Thuy have a smart and quick mind because of the wisdom of the Master of Water. Rain water falls from the sky, so it is a pure water, so I am also a delicate, elegant person, with a courteous and polite working style.

If cultivated well, this destiny will be people who are generous, like to do good deeds, like to help others without needing to be reciprocated, who can make great contributions to the community.

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The nature of rain water is fragile, so the people destined for Thien Ha Thuy are also sensitive, delicate, and good at taking care of people. They are not very enthusiastic people but often have a lot of feelings in their hearts, only when we go deep into their souls can we fully understand.