Male and female born in 1988 in the year of the Dragon, ie the age of the dragon. Often called Thanh On Chi Long, ie Pure Dragon, Peaceful Dragon.

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Manh Moc – Dai Lam Moc – means big forest wood. What age is the Year of the Dragon suitable for? At what age are you happy to get married, what age partner to do business with is successful?

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In order to know what age the Year of the Dragon is suitable for, we use two principles in feng shui to determine which are:

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The principle of the three unions – the four elements pulses and; The principle of the five elements is born – opposite. Choose people suitable for the year of the Dragon according to the “three unions – four elements of the pulse”

The principle of three unions – four elements pulses: the ancients, based on experience, summed up that each zodiac sign will be compatible with 3 years old and in conflict with 4 years old. This harmony – conflict is depicted in the circle drawing as follows:

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” data-medium-file=”×300.jpg” data-large-file=”” class=”size- full wp-image-60558″ src=”” alt= “The circle of the three elements pulsating to choose the right person ” width=”800″ height=”822″ srcset=” thanh-xung-chon-nguoi-hop-tuoi.jpg 800w, -510×524.jpg 510w,×300.jpg 292w ,×36.jpg 36w, https://Riclix. vn/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/tam-hop-tu-hanh-xung-chon-nguoi-hop-tuoi-686×705.jpg 686w, /2017/10 /tam-hop-tu-hanh-chung-chon-nguoi-hop-tuoi-20×20.jpg 20w” sizes=”(max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px” />Circle of the trio of four elements

Looking at the circle,

The triangle is represented as a red triangle, representing the connection of the three harmonious zodiac signs; The four impulses are represented by the + sign, representing the four conflicting zodiac signs.

Thus, people born in 1988 in the year of the Dragon will be compatible with the year of the Monkey and the year of the Rat; Not suitable for the age of the Dog, the Ox and the Goat.

2. Choose the age that is compatible with the year of the Dragon according to the “five elements of mutual birth – contrasting”

After knowing the right people according to the principle of three unions – four impulses. In feng shui, people are also interested in the issue of destiny, to know if a certain age is suitable for their destiny or not, people use the principle of “the five elements of mutual birth – contrast”. has detailed the theory of the five elements in previous articles, you can find out in two articles: Characteristics of the five elements / The extended meaning of the five elements. In this article, only briefly writes for you to easily imagine:

The Five Elements are born and born together

Look at the picture above,

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The blue arrow represents the mutual relationship – ie growth, mutual support, making each other more developed, namely:

Earth gives birth to Metal; Metal gives birth to Water; Aquarius gives birth to Wood; Wood gives birth to Fire; Fire gives birth to Earth;

The relation of compatibility – ie harmony, equality, balance is:

Earth joins Earth; Metal combines Mercury with Water; Wood combines with Wood; Fire combines with Fire

On the contrary, the red arrow represents an inverse relationship – ie opposing each other, destroying each other, often quarreling, discord, namely:

Water engraves Fire; Fire meets Metal; Metal meets Wood; Wood meets Earth; Earth meets Water.

When choosing a life partner, for If we cooperate and love by the principle of the five elements, we should choose the people whose destiny is mutual and compatible relationship, avoiding the opposite fate.

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Apply to the year of the Dragon, look up in the feng shui handbook, the year of the Dragon, born in 1988, par Moc. Thus, people born in the year of the Dragon are compatible with those of the Water, Moc and Fire pars; not suitable for people of Tho and Kim par.

3. Solving when it doesn’t match the age of the Dragon

In the past, it is often said that virtue wins numbers, sometimes because of fate, we meet and choose a life partner and partner that is not suitable for our age. It does not mean that we will not be as lucky as other couples of the same age, but the most important thing is the sincerity, love and efforts of both sides.

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According to feng shui expert Nguyen Manh Linh, Institute of Feng Shui Ngu Hanh, Center for Research in Feng Shui Architecture UAI, University of Civil Engineering. It is possible to use jewelry, feng shui stones to partially solve the bad luck and strengthen the auspicious luck. People born in the year of the Dragon receive the protection and protection of the Buddha, Universal Worthy Bodhisattva. Wearing jewelry that includes the colors of Water and Wood elements will benefit you.

In terms of comprehensiveness: wearing jewelry with Buddha’s life, Universal Worthy Bodhisattva, to be protected and maintained by him;

In terms of health: wearing tiger’s eye stone bracelet for mental clarity and health, prevention of minor diseases, warding off evil spirits, especially good when often have to go on business trips, communicate with many types of people in the community festival.

In terms of affection, love, marriage: wear the image of a feng shui fox to neutralize conflicts, be lucky in love.

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In terms of career and fortune: wear the feng shui Pi Xiu, bronze or Maitreya Buddha image to be lucky in business, favorable career.

Reference: What is the fate of being born in 1988 / feng shui guide for the year of the Dragon / what color is suitable for being born in 1988?