English for Office Communication Lesson 7: Complaints handling

Complaints are common in offices. So what sentence patterns will you use to deal with complaints in English? Let’s find out together.

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How to write a letter of complaint in English

61/ The goods we received were different from the original sample.

The goods we receive are different from the original sample.

62/ We were sorry for this delay.

We regret this delay.

63/ That was shipped on September 10th. It should reach you in two or three days.

It was shipped on September 10. It will probably arrive in two or three days.

64/ What seems to be the trouble?

Roughly, what’s the problem?

65/ We’ll soon give you a satisfactory replay.

We will soon give you a satisfactory answer.

66/ Our store has a special department to handle customer complaints.

Our store has a dedicated customer complaint department.

67/ I”ll get our manager on duty at once, and you can speak to him.

I will immediately invite the manager out so you can talk to him.

68/ We can try and repair it for you.

We’ll try and fix it for you.

69/ The pamphlet has the information about our after – sale service.

This brochure is full of information about our after-sales service.

70/ We”ll send our salesman to your company with demonstration models.

We will send salesman to your company with samples.

Resolve customer complaints in English

Every day you have to work with hundreds of jobs and no matter how professional, there are times when you still have to receive complaints about your work from partners. Maybe it’s your fault, maybe not. But the first thing you need to do is stay awake, apologize, and quickly resolve it with the most polite, calm and professional attitude possible.

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Let’s learn with riclix.com.com the sentence patterns for each situation!

People who only know how to vent

It’s not that often, but there are calls like this and it’s not a legitimate complaint. Such people are under pressure for a long time with no place to vent. They call or complain to you or your company as a way to relieve their own pressure.

Although this is the most frustrating type of complaint for the company as well as for the listener, handle it professionally and empathize with the other party in all such calls.

And here are sample sentences that deal with complaints in this case.

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– “I’m so sorry that you feel this way, Mrs Cruise…”

I’m so sorry you felt that way, Mrs Cruise…

– “As a solution, may I suggest that…?”

As a solution, may I suggest that… is it okay?

– “What I”ll do right now is…”

What I can do now for you is….

– “We really do appreciate this feedback, Mrs Cruise…”

We really appreciate this feedback. Mrs Cruise…

– “May I arrange for an update call, at a time most convenient for you?”

I can arrange another call with better quality, what time is most convenient for you?

Legitimate Complaints

Mistakes can always happen. This seems inevitable in life. But in business, especially in the era of internet development, inadequate handling of mistakes can easily and seriously affect the image of the company when communication tools spread as rapidly as today.

It couldn’t be slower to communicate the issue as quickly as possible to your supervisor, but at the same time, reassurances are something that should be done immediately to help calm the client down when talking to your manager. friend.

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Please refer to the sample sentences for this case!

– “Thank you so much for letting us know about this, Sir/Madam…”

Thank you so much for sending us a letter….

– “I’m so sorry to hear about this, Mrs Cruise…”

I am so sorry to hear this, Mrs Cruise…

– “I completely understand how you feel, Sir/Madam…”

I completely understand what you feel…

– “Thank you so much for your patience/understanding, Mrs Cruise…”

Thank you so much for your patience/understanding, Mrs Cruise…

– “I will action this for you right away…”

I will do this for you right away…

Disrespectful people.

No matter where you are, any culture, any country, there are always people who are very rude. They use uncultured words, even swearing at their own partners when there are complaints and complaints. The first and most important thing is to stay calm. And usually when receiving such calls, emails, complaints. You absolutely have the right to refuse to accept. However, there are also ways to cool down and calm your partner in just a few sentences speak.

Let’s learn those powerful sayings!

– “I truly understand your concern, Sir/Madam, but unfortunately we cannot tolerate the kind of language you are using right now…”

I really understand what you are interested in, but unfortunately we are unable to accept the type of language you are using right now…

– “I”m going to do my very best to help you, Mrs Cruise…”

I will do everything I can to help you, Mrs Cruise…

– “You seem very upset, Mrs Cruise. Would you prefer to continue this conversation through email or post?”

You seem to be very upset, don’t you, Mrs. Cruise. Would you like to continue our conversation via email?

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– “I”m sorry you”re so upset, Sir/Madam. Would you like for us to call you back when you feel a little calmer?”

I am sorry that you have felt such discomfort. Would you like us to call you back when you’ve calmed down a bit?

– “I apologise, Mrs Cruise, but if you continue to use this language, I will be forced to end this call.”

I’m sorry Mrs Cruise, but if you still use this language, I will ask permission to end this call here.

Depending on the level and impolite situation that the other party says, give the most appropriate sentences for you!

Threatening person who specializes in causing trouble

It is easy to confuse with the third type of person. In fact, this type of person could be planted by your competitors to cause trouble for the company. If not handled in a sober and professional manner, you and your company could very well be “trapped” and have unwanted communication crises.

Be very calm and handle the business as gently as possible.

– “I do understand the inconvenience you”ve faced, Sir/Madam…”

I understand the disapproval you face….

– “Let me see how I can fix this, Mrs Cruise…”

Let me see how I can fix these, Mrs Cruise

– “I am more than happy to help you, Mrs Cruise…”

I am more than happy to help you, Mrs Cruise…

– “For the fast resolution, I would request you to…

In order to find the fastest solution, I would like to suggest you….

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There are many ways to handle complaints and complaints of customers and partners in many different situations. It is important that you always keep your attitude and behavior in moderation, calm and professional, using the above patterns will definitely help you to solve the problem successfully.