Any programmer must have worked with CSS. However, working with pure CSS for a long time will find it very boring. You can write CSS more professionally, quickly and clearly with SASS/SCSS.

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What is CSS Preprocessor

?CSS Preprocessors are CSS preprocessor languages. Is a scripting language that extends CSS and is compiled into CSS syntax to help you write CSS faster and with a cleaner structure. CSS Preprocessor can save you time writing CSS, easy maintenance and development of CSS.

What is


?SASS/SCSS is a CSS preprocessor (CSS preprocessor). It helps you to write CSS in the way of a programming language, with a clear and concise structure, easier to develop and maintain the code. In addition, it has a lot of support libraries attached to help you write CSS code easily and simply. There are many types of CSS Preprocessors which include SASS, Stylus or LESS.

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Koala This is a software used to compile CSS Preprocessor like SASS, LESS… I often use it when writing SASS.

2. Laravel Mix

If you are working with Laravel then you don’t need 3rd party software because Laravel itself has integrated a tool called Laravel Mix which is very versatile, compiling CSS Preprocessors to pure CSS is one of the nice features. its.

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As I have just described above, you can also see the power that SASS/SCSS brings in writing CSS, it turns working with SCSS like working with a real programming language. . In addition, having to compile from SCSS to CSS also allows us to use a number of features such as: automatically adding prefixes to CSS3 properties, reformatting CSS files (compressed or uncompressed). ).

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