Being a salesperson is a very hot profession in today’s society. Are you interested in knowing what sales business terms are commonly used in English?

Hello dear listeners of Mobi Radio. I am Hoa. Being a salesperson is a very hot profession in today’s society. Are you interested in knowing what sales business terms are commonly used in English? It can help when you read the newspaper or discuss with someone about their business, for example. Today we will learn 6 vocabulary related to the field of sales.

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First, what is sales? Those are sales figures. The words sale and figure are both nouns and both must be followed by an s. Figure translates to numbers. Let’s repeat this word a few times. Sales figures. X3

Next is the sales team and sales targets. I suggest that these two words both start with the word sales, with the letter s ending the word. So we will just need to find out what the team and target in English is to fit this context, right? We have the word force as force, just like air force means air force. So the sales force can be understood as a sales team. And quota is temporarily understood as a target. Sales quota is the amount of goods required to be sold at a time, spelled q-u-o-t-a Let’s repeat the word sales force. Sales force x2. The business target is sales quo-ta. When it comes to sales, it is impossible to ignore the retail price and the wholesale price. Price is the price, I’m sure everyone knows this word. So retail price is retail price – retail spelled r-e-t-a-i-l. I always recommend to you. Retail is retail, just like when we add er after teach- teach to get teacher, we also just need to add er after retail to get the word retailer at grocery stores as we usually see. Remember, the retail price is the retail price. What about the wholesale price? That is the wholesale price. Wholesale is written next to each other but is composed of two odd words, whole – whole and sale: sale. Combined, the wholesale price is the wholesale price. Let’s repeat it with me. Wholesale price x2.

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There is another very interesting word, which is commission. Is it related to the rose – rose? I’m kidding. Commission in English is sales commission x3. Picture it in your head, it’s spelled c-o-m-m-i-s-s-i-o-n. For example 10 percent commission we would say 10% commission.

So we have gathered 5 new words about sales business in today’s lesson. Let’s take a look at it again.

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Sales figures- sales sales Sales force- sales team Sales quota- sales targetsSales commissions .

Remember, the last sale words are added with the letter s after. And finally, retail price and wholesale price- wholesale price. Here I will play for you a very short conversation between Mike – signature bank’s sales staff and customer Jim to invite him to open a savings account with a higher interest rate. Please pay attention to listen to interest rates – interest rates, saving accounts – savings accounts and current status – current status.

I summarize the conversation as follows:

Hello, Am I speaking with Jim? Hi am I talking to Jim here?

Yes, who’s this? That’s right, who is that?

This is Mike, calling on behalf of Signature Bank… You have been our clients for 5 years, right, jim? This is Mike, calling on behalf of Signature Bank. You’ve been our customer for 5 years, haven’t you, Jim

That’s right. What’s it about? That’s right, what is this?

Well, we’re offering a higher interest rate if you open a savings bank account with signature bank.Ah, we offer a higher interest rate if you open a savings account vs signature bank.

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Nah, I am fine with my current status. No, I’m satisfied with the current state

Are you sure, jim. This is a great opportunity. Are you sure Jim this is a great opportunity

Yeah, i’m sure, thanks for calling though. Yes, I’m sure, thanks for calling anyway.

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So, our sales business vocabulary lesson is over. Goodbye and see you in the next lesson.