So what is sales admin? How is the job of the sales admin? Is the question of many of you because this is a hot profession with a huge income without limit as long as you have the ability.

In a company, hotel or restaurant, besides prominent sales positions such as Sales Admin, Sales Man, Sales Executive, Sales Representative, Sales Supervisor… there is also an equally attractive position that is Sale admin. If you are not in the industry, few people can clearly understand and distinguish these ranks and positions.

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In the field of Sales, Sale Admin is a hot job, many young people want to apply for this position. But what is a Sales Admin and what are the work and development opportunities of a Sales Admin? If you are still not sure about the above, the following article will help you answer

I. What is Sale admin

?Sale admin (short for Sales Administrator) or sales assistant is responsible for coordinating with other departments to support the business. This is a very important position, playing a key role in the revenue of the business. The sales admins will work and report directly on all business issues, sales… to the department head or the sales director.

II. What is the job of a sales admin on a daily basis

?Sale admin, also known as a business secretary, unlike other secretarial positions, these people will have to be in direct contact with the activities of the business. Business Department. Depending on the size of the company and the scope of powers and obligations in each place, the sales admin has different jobs.

However, in general, this department will undertake the following jobs:

Direct contact with the sales department, so this department is responsible for drafting, editing, monitoring and managing administrative documents, records related to contracts, quotes, offers… Management, remind employees in the sales department to work at the right level and at the same time participate in planning and building business strategies for the company. Finding and consulting the right services for customers, thereby convincing and making them trust to use the company’s products Set up and play an important role in the appointment between sales staff and potential customers Take care of customers, manage and collect their feedback to solve in the most appropriate and practical way. If this is beyond the authority of the business secretary, it must be reported to the superior. Sale admin coordinates with the sales department to take care of customers, handle all requests, questions or complaints to make customers feel satisfied and have the highest tendency to return to use the company’s products.

III. Required skills of sales admin

1. Diverse knowledge

Sale admin is a job that requires a lot of combined skills from economics, business, marketing to communication. Economic knowledge is the foundation for developing business skills. Marketing is the bridge between products and customers, through communication to convey to customers the core values ​​of the business. These are the elements that form a solid professional foundation for a sales admin.

2. Ask questions and cultivate knowledge

Everyone knows that theory is closely related to reality. But how not to fall into theory, the sales admin needs to have the flexibility to be able to apply that knowledge in the practice of the business, and at the same time hone skills in the area of ​​expertise to achieve effective results. high performance at work.

3. Communication skills

Effective communication skills have always been considered a key factor for a person’s all-round development. Therefore, the art of communication – understanding people and making others understand you – is one of the important skills to practice to become a sales admin. This is a job characterized by meeting customers regularly, not only customers but also colleagues in the same department and colleagues in other departments. New effective communication can lead to negotiation to sign a contract or negotiate with a partner to be able to balance benefits and bring benefits to your business.

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4. Team work skills

“One tree should not be young, three trees together make a high mountain.” Teamwork skills are ways to get many people to perform a task well and work towards a common goal. Sales admin needs to have effective teamwork skills to coordinate with other departments to make the work more smooth. A team that coordinates the work well together will create a rhythm in the work.

Required skills of sales admin

5. Ability to cope with pressure

In work, everything is not always smooth, every job has to go through certain difficulties and challenges. Ability to cope with pressure is the ability to remain effective at work in the face of pressure. Candidates for this position need to have a positive mindset to withstand high work pressure such as making a scientific work plan, relaxing to regain interest and improving problem solving skills.

6. Good presentation skills

This is a very important skill, sometimes it determines the success or failure of the job you are doing. No matter how valuable a person’s knowledge and original ideas are, but when necessary, cannot be presented to others, it is difficult to achieve certain success. To become a successful person, one needs not only intelligence, erudite knowledge, creative thinking, but also the ability to speak and style in front of people, especially if you want to become a successful person. become a manager or leader.

7. Foreign languages

When international companies come to Vietnam, they always have the need to recruit Vietnamese people, but they are not only good at expertise but must know how to use their foreign languages. English is the most commonly used international language. However, currently knowing English is not enough to meet the requirements of companies. Knowing one more foreign language such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. creates an advantage for current candidates.

The Japanese always want their employees to be able to communicate basic Japanese words, so you will be surprised to see that in Japanese factories, they have posted Japanese learning instructions everywhere, even in the toilet. . China, Korea, and the United States are also countries with many large companies investing in Vietnam, policies on human resources, salary and career opportunities are always open to candidates who can speak the language of Vietnam. surname.

8. Office Informatics

Office computing is currently the most basic and necessary skill for all professions and fields. Mastering office computer skills, you won’t spend a lot of time trying to figure out ways to express your ideas when you need to prepare a plan, make a business report or give a presentation to a client. In addition, by understanding the operations and features in Microsoft Office, you can also leverage your knowledge and skills to present specific, clear, and beautiful content in your own way. This is also a way for you to work smarter, helping to save time to prepare more for other tasks and limit the pressure of working at the end of the day.

IV. What is the salary of sales admin

?Usually, monthly income includes: Fixed salary + bonus (according to work results). The form of salary based on sales is very popular, this method contributes to motivating employees to do their best.

According to statistics, sales admin is one of the Top 10 highest paying sales jobs in Vietnam. The fixed salary usually ranges from 4 to 5.5 million VND/month, excluding commissions and bonuses.

The second salary can be many times different from your regular salary, this salary depends on the sales you bring to the company. For the real estate industry, after each successful transaction, you will receive from 10% to 20% of the contract value (the real value of a real estate contract is very high). For the life insurance industry, you will receive from 10% to 40% of the value of a contract… Therefore, the salary of the sales admin does not depend entirely on your seniority. Sometimes it is entirely possible that people who join the industry later have higher salaries than their predecessors.

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According to a survey by, the salary of a sales admin in Hanoi ranges from 4 to 22.5 million VND/month, in Ho Chi Minh City ranges from 4 to 20.3 million VND/month.

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Sales admin salary in Hanoi

Sales admin salary in TP. Ho Chi Minh

V. Promotion opportunities of sales admin

When you are choosing a starting point for your career, one of the factors that will keep you motivated to stay in that job is the prospect of advancement.

As one of the important positions of the business, the sales admin has a very open promotion path. A sales admin with extensive working experience and excellent leadership skills can completely become an executive, supervisor or even more the sales director of the company.

The job in the position of sales admin not only gives you a high income but also helps you to improve your sales ability but also your management, arrangement and operating skills.

VI. Where does the sale admin work

?The demand for recruiting sales admins in companies is very large with high salaries and very attractive incentives. Therefore, the job opportunities open to this position are extremely large.

Any organization that runs a business needs a business development department. After graduating from a related major or having experience working in the field of commerce, buying and selling of goods, etc., you can completely find a sales admin position via Sale admin can work in the sales department of companies, private businesses or the government.

VII. The advantages and disadvantages of the sales admin profession

1. Advantages

Opening up for you the opportunity to develop yourself comprehensively, practice a lot of skills such as: communication skills, negotiation skills, presentation skills, rejection handling skills, Customer psychology skills. This is a great environment for you to practice and develop yourself.

Bringing you an unlimited source of income, in addition to a fixed salary, you also enjoy a percentage of commission from the sales you achieve. This is the attraction of many people who have a desire to be rich and do not want to be dependent on a limited income.

2. Difficulty

Pressure on sales Pressure on debt Pressure from difficult customers Pressure from lack of support from related departments Pressure created by yourself.

So how to overcome the difficulties of the sales admin profession, the sharing will be in the section below!

VIII. How to overcome the difficulties of sales admin

? Sales admin profession is not necessarily as challenging as we think. Sales admin’s job is not only to pay attention to sales, but to change from sales to numbers. The number here is the number that acts according to the process of the industry in which you are doing business. The more you measure that number, the more sales will follow. Don’t worry about profit, focus instead on skill and preparation for competitive comparisons.

1. Overcoming sales pressure

Take it for granted, just do your best and the rest will come. (The sales of a sales admin are the result of a grand strategy and coordination from the top to the bottom), not their own.

2. Overcoming the pressure of debt

Please control it within the allowable limit. Besides, debt is an obvious thing and its role is to control debt, but to make sure debt is always clean and zero, it’s almost impossible.

3. Satisfying difficult customers

Always respect and listen to your customers. What you need to show is understanding, honesty and empathy, not blaming the customer or showing anger or confusion. Find out the reasons and clarify all the questions of customers. And don’t forget to smile and say thank you to them, this is a good way to win customers’ hearts and maintain business relationships with them.

4. Overcoming pressure due to lack of support from relevant departments

You have to build good relations with the company internally. Showing respect and gratitude to your co-workers will take away the pressure. And if possible, give them a step to complete their task. Always remember that you are a salaried person.

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5. Overcoming pressure created by yourself

This is the biggest pressure that originates from our fear (not achieving sales, not selling, not being able to solve customer problems, …). Therefore you should look at things in an objective way, what cannot be accepted, otherwise will try to solve. Always keep a calm mind to avoid falling into stress because of work.

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How to overcome the difficulties of the admin profession

IX. The job descriptions of sales admin in some hot professions today

1. Real Estate

Introduce, advise, guide customers to visit the project Make transactions and support customers to track payment progress Take care of customers after a transaction Continuously update and improve product knowledge, market, competitors.

2. Life insurance

Make quotation, prepare relevant documents of Marketing department & follow instructions of Operations department; Calculate premium & make amendments based on information provided by sales staff; Request Insurance Policy Department to issue applications, amend and supplement other documents Remind customers & manage/update insurance declarations monthly; Follow up customer’s debt; Send documents to customers & keep records

3. Hotel – Restaurant

Support customers when customers come directly to the office to register for hotel services and handle related contract issues. Monitor and collect customer feedback on hotel services through social networking sites and specialized forums. Then, submit it to higher-level departments for advice on handling if it is beyond your ability to handle. Periodically take care and closely monitor promotions, gifts, incentives, customer support from the hotel to promptly notify customers; remind customers to renew the service on time, avoid the service being locked when the expiration date is reached; At the same time, regularly maintain relationships with customers

4. Logistics & Supply Chain

Receive documents from customers, prepare documents related to customs procedures Prepare documents for electronic customs declaration Carry out declaration activities on customs software Coordinate with departments and agencies Transport unit regulates the means of transport of goods. Quotations for customs clearance and inland transportation. Transactions and communication with suppliers and customers regarding delivery and delivery schedules. Coordinate with other departments to ensure smooth work and report Update shipment information timely and Clearance process Support field staff to solve problems related to the system, customs laws, …. Directly coordinate work, check and supervise the supplier to complete the assigned work; Follow up and confirm the costs incurred in the process of making goods. Report to the team leader, the head of the department on issues related to customs procedures, incidents occurring during the working process.

5. Import/Export

Receive PI, confirm information with sales Receive confirmation of delivery date from plan / purchase Contact shipping lines to check freight rates, get booking Transfer social enterprises with full code, quantity and price to tax accountant to get the name of goods Customs Declaration on software Prepare documents to apply for C/O including: Form CO, IV, PI, PL, norms, explanation of origin according to norms, production process and invoices, declarations, import CO for each material and raw material of each product code. Declare C/O on the system of VCCI or the Ministry of Industry and Trade

6. E-commerce

Product development planning. Searching for potential suppliers Negotiate and negotiate contracts. Manage product display on website. Make periodic reports on sales, monitor supplier inventory…

X. Conclusion

Currently, Sale admin is one of the hottest jobs in the job market. In the context that there are many choices about the future career direction of young people, sales admin is an attractive suggestion that brings many skills and increases learning, which is useful for most current careers. now. Understanding what a sales admin is, the job description of a sales admin will help us have a more specific orientation about the job as well as the necessary skills to practice to support the job.